15 years old debut four years after marrying rich, her husband jailed, looking for rich people

Gigi Fu Hongkong Guo Fu the heroes of the Condor

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Gigi Fu, formerly known as Fu Lingzhi, was born in Shanghai in October 13, 1970, China's Hongkong actress. In 1995, Louis Koo, Carman Lee starring Jin Yong "martial arts drama" The legend of Condor Hero as Guo Fu, after the TV series "lioness's roar". The costume drama "Bough" in the decoration, shaoxing. In the TV play "Mulan" and so on. In the same year, Gigi Fu retired from the entertainment circle and married Ye Jianbo, chairman of Hongkong sea group.

Gigi Fu was born in Shanghai in October 13, 1970. His father, Fu Qi, and his mother, Shi Hui, are famous celebrities in the performing arts, and have served as representatives of the National People's Congress. They are cross-border entertainers.

15" when Gigi Fu is from parents to apply for "happy holidays" ghost actor, was admitted, she was named for his sun Hui, this is her only movie.

" debut soon, by virtue of her looks, Barbara Yung won the title of successors. Debuted in a few years, she played a series of memorable roles, such as in the "thousand group" in the anti Royal Jiabao, short hair girl like sense is full. The more classical such as Guo Fu, Lin xianer.

1995, who plays Guo Fu Louis Koo, starring Carman Lee Jin Yong martial arts drama "The legend of Condor Hero", known to the audience.

, although Guo Fu is known by many viewers, but Gigi Fu does not want to live in the Performing Arts circle. In 1998, she married Ye Jianbo, chairman of Hong Kong listed companies waters group, and faded out of showbiz.

out of performing arts circle, feel too broad Gigi Fu life was very luxurious. Gigi Fu told the media that his 7 year installation cost was 25 million, and the collection of antiques was 21 million. In addition, the dog dog like life Gigi Fu 7 years spent 8 million 500 thousand.

, but Gigi Fu's rich life lasted only 7 years. In 2006, Ye Jianbo was involved in suspected fraud, and two people divorced in 2008.

2012" in June 19th, Hongkong media reported that Gigi Fu and his 10 year old Hongkong Chongs group of Prince Zhuang Jiabin on holiday in Okinawa, two people love exposure.

turned the socialite lady Gigi Fu, could not find the shadow of Guo Fu, users have to focus on her chin, this is really a bit afraid to admit.

Gigi Fu 15 years and Zhuang broke up, 9 years have not been the man's external recognition. And for a new lover, only a few months of contact, the man's recognition. Last year, Gigi Fu went to Canada to visit her parents, and netizens commented on her appearance that her jaw was terrible.

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