"The 3" sold, because of the media and angered the United States blocked

Losangeles times Disney Raytheon 3 panthers

juziyule· 2017-11-08 12:07:25

recently, Disney's "Thor 3" are aggressively, the box office continued to rise, the film side earn pours.

should toast Disney company and soon fall into a dispute with the American media.

" back in September of this year, "Losangeles times" published two articles about the California Disneyland Disney report, issued a document that Disney in the city of Anaheim business irregularities, questioned the role of the local development of Disney Park,

this report, at the time it caused Disney's dissatisfaction, the official responded: "we often

and news media all over the world, but this time the" Losangeles times "no basic rules of news. "

in November this year, Disney held the official" Lei Shen 3 "media advance viewing activities, angrily cancelled" Losangeles times "reporter qualification. Although

couldn't see the film ahead of time, the Losangeles times still said that it would follow the report of Raytheon 3, and published the film reviews.

" in the "Losangeles times" website is still a lot of "the 3" report.

, it seems like it's been over.

but when this happened, I didn't expect other media in the United States could not see it, and the support of the Losangeles times was taking place one after another to boycott Disney's "outrageous" practice".

, the "Losangeles times" love to kill a good sister - "Washington Post", rushed in the front line.

"Washington Post" film critic Alyssa Rosenberg said that if Disney did not lift the ban "the Losangeles times", the concept of shadow he will not participate in any Disney film media, it will not be for the review.

" (source time network)

although solidarity with the "Losangeles times" position is very firm, but the film critic for Disney has made no secret of their new film, "Star Wars: Episode 8: the last of the Jedi" "Panther" look.

Star Wars 8: the last Jedi Knight, the second after the Star Wars series restarted, is scheduled for December 15, 2017.

last year, "Star Wars: 7 force awakening" in the mainland box office gains of 826 million, the global total of $936 million, equivalent to 6 billion 210 million

; rotten tomatoes freshness of up to 93%, IMDb score as high as 8.1.

"Black Panther" is a single movie opened in the Marvel Universe, style characters full of dark lines.

, the black panther, has attracted much attention since its independence in the past. It is reported that it will be released in the United States in February 16, 2018.

" so, for all the media critic, to abandon the "Star Wars 8: the last of the Jedi" "Panther" reports of the opportunity to give up the huge hits and the amount of reading.

but for the American media, in order to support their peers, to rule Disney's official "bad temper", this sacrifice is worth it.

learned that the media involved in the campaign also includes the Boston globe, online film magazine "Flavorwire" and so on.

, Disney, has yet to respond to the media's "ban" action.

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