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ZAKERkeji· 2017-11-08 18:16:34

eleven is already in sight, facing the electricity supplier crazy promotions, often there will be a "I X are so cheap in the end I buy what ah" such doubts, for this condition, ZAKER technology have had an interview with the editorial department senior digital game player (and two digital love pretty girl), look in their eyes, the most worth ten models which is recommended to buy the mobile phone.

: my brother to engage in double eleven most recommended mobile phone millet 6 and HUAWEI Mate9.

6 reasons: millet can be said to be the 835 most expensive mobile phone. But MIUI is very smooth, the key now want to buy adequate supply, you can start at any time, if we double eleven collocation electricity supplier price activity, should be able to do historical low, quite appropriate. Although

Mate9 is the 16 year of the release of mobile phone, but it's the screen but better than Mate10, and the backstage management EMUI do well, not so many things out of order, buy to send parents is very good, last week I also recommend a friend to buy it, he very satisfied. I recommend the double eleven


mobile phone is the Samsung Galaxy S8.

S8 the reason: full screen surface can be said to be "full screen" in the mobile phone now to see the best one.

and Samsung a lot of technical strength is ahead of the iPhone, including the facial recognition early on, but it is not in the heat of iPhone is so high, so the market reaction is not so large, but in fact really is a "black technology". Even if there were some negative things before, it didn't affect the ranking in my mind.

you see, Samsung's latest ad mocking iPhone Liu Haitou is really funny, but this can't find slot points on S8, and the appearance and feel of S8 should be the best in the current mobile phone.

Shen Ma:

I recommend the double eleven mobile phone millet MIX2.

MIX2 is the real reason: given the full screen definition of mobile phone? But this design is leading, MIX 2 compared to the previous generation in the function more perfect, such as the receiver and take pictures of these problems have been solved and the second generation, looks more beautiful than the first generation to.

the key is now on the purchase of no pressure, want them to buy at any time, the price is not expensive, can afford to buy, so the "full screen" mobile phone makes more sense, although I also agree on the visual effect of S8 will look better, but MIX 2 appeared more valuable.


I double eleven most recommended mobile phone is iPhone 7Plus and 2.

reason: burst problem of battery iPhone8 has recently been frequently, this is the need to care about, but iPhone X is too expensive, so consider iPhone 7Plus now start would be more cost-effective, but Apple has a few years did not change the appearance, buy what the difference is not large, so the right balance under iPhone 7 Plus is very suitable.

as millet MIX 2 recommended reasons, almost the same as Zi Hao, the good concept of machine to do everyone can buy the volume machine, this is what it really meaningful place.


I double the eleven most recommended is iPhone 8Plus and OPPO R11s.

iPhone X reason: too far ahead, and face recognition and more trouble, I am not is love.

Oh must be 8Plus instead of 8, because of 8Plus's unique "portrait light effect" mode can let the girls at the time of the photo, there are more ways, and the size of 8Plus is larger than that of a iPhone6 for three years, has not experienced the large screen mobile phone, want to buy will buy iPhone 8Plus.

OPPO R11s is the latest beauty features, its beauty photographed but Mito mobile phone have a spell, but the MiTo mobile phone now so expensive, but look too offbeat, R11s is able to accept, even if it is only used as a backup machine is a good choice.

read the five digital game player's recommendation, you must mind also have a choice, if you do not recognize their recommendation also never mind, after all, to everyone's preferences are unity is not possible, we just to give you an alternative with their own choice, so as to solve everyone's choice phobia.

: "in addition to the final models recommended this" outside, please pay attention to tomorrow's "most recommended" series, to help you choose the machine at the same time also help you jump pit, who let us such a good heart. <

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