The female owner made a circle of friends called police to "polish eyes" arrested

Circle of friends the owners users petty

jinghuashibao· 2016-05-13 06:58:28

< p > Jinghua times yesterday afternoon 4 points more, Cangnan County, Zhejiang Province, traffic police team released the official micro Bo said, recently Cangnan, a female owner land a because of dissatisfaction with the traffic police of the illegal parking, in the circle of friends send information abusive police, the public security organ shall impose administrative detention. < p > the micro Bo said, May 4, 8 am, illegal land a (female, 45 years old, Lingxi) because of Cangnan Police Brigade Lingxi squadron law enforcement behavior dissatisfaction, through its mobile dating software released information traffic police comrades put ticket to polish your dog eyes, beside the spaces are purposely occupying, why do you regardless of the tube, there is no photos of a little merit heart "and fines content insulting police, the information of views has reached more than 70 times.

the traffic police department was informed of the matter, immediately to the police station Lingxi center. After investigating the central police station, according to the law of the land was summoned for evidence.

according to the "Security Management Punishment Law of the people's Republic of China the provisions of article forty-second, one of the following acts, at 5 days detention or a fine of 500 yuan; if the circumstances are serious, more than 5 days to 10 days detention, may impose a fine of 500 yuan of the following:

(a) write letters of intimidation or threats to others personal safety by other means;

(two) affront others or fabricating facts to slander others;

(three) fabricated false accusation against others, trying to make others subject to criminal punishment or penalty for administration of public security; /p>

(four) threat, the witnesses and their close relatives or take revenge the insults, beatings

; (five) repeatedly sending obscene, insulting, threatening or other information, disturb the normal life of others;

(six), candid. Tap, spread the privacy of others.

Lu Mou's behavior has constituted a blatant insult to others, Cangnan County Public Security Bureau according to the law to give land administrative detention for two days of punishment.

above micro-blog triggered a large number of users onlookers. Many users questioned the female owner just said, traffic police, no specific to the individual, why will be detained. There are friends that the circle of friends is a private space, can not be considered a public occasion.

>> link < Friends scold "police coward arrested caused controversy after police may publicly apologized

2014 years 13, Shandong Yanzhou, Jining City Public Security Bureau official micro Bo @ Yanzhou police said, on April 5, Cao Moumou (male, 21 years old, a village of Yanzhou, Yan Zhen) was posted for illegal parking ticket, Ruchao said in Yanzhou posted anonymously, the car just stopped there. It was posted a the, Yanzhou police really a coward. Police believe that "Cao Moumou openly to the people's police to insult, resulting in a bad social impact". Cao Moumou was sentenced to administrative detention by the police 5 days. Since then, he was expelled from the company. Subsequently, the media questioned said the local police appearing nervous in public.

5 late on April 14, @ Yanzhou police to release micro Bo, the incident to apologize, saying "after the review that of parties of administrative detention punishment is inappropriate, decided to withdraw the administrative punishment decision, apologize theapology to the parties, the responsibility and accountability. Welcome news media and the majority of users continue to monitor support. "(Xinhua people's network)

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