Turkey workers sew "pay tag" in ZARA clothes, what's the matter?

Turkey Istanbul claims RMB

haoqixinribao· 2017-11-08 20:30:18

"I made the clothes you wanted to buy, but didn't get the corresponding reward".

last week, the The Associated Press reported that consumers found complaints from clothing factory workers in their clothes at ZARA stores in Turkey, Istanbul. A link to the petition for salary was attached to the tag, and wrote, "we want rights, not charity."".

, and so on, the online petition has signed more than 50 thousand people, and continues to increase.

these workers come from Bravo Tekstil, a garment factory in Istanbul, with 75% of its business coming from Zara and the rest from Mango and Next. It's closed in one year and four months.

clothing industry's largest trade unions and non-governmental organizations, "Clean Clothes Campaign" (CCC) said that the workers won the lawsuit in a Turkey court last year, according to the 3 months in arrears of wages and severance pay. About 155 workers demanded a total of 2739281.30 Turkey lira, equivalent to RMB about 4600000.

but the workers didn't get the money, and the seam labels were only found in the shops in Istanbul, indicating that the workers were likely to go to the store and sew it on their clothes. In this way, the attention of people who can easily be forgotten is again attracted.

ZARA Inditex's parent company spokesman Fast Company recently to provide a written statement that the factory closed in June 2016 because Bravo is the boss of the factory with these fashion companies give money missing, "Inditex has fulfilled all the obligations of the contract".

and union representatives had been negotiating with Inditex, Mango, Next, to help workers get their money, according to the petition in the description, the brand have finally only willing to pay the money 1/4.

"over the past 12 months, we've been patiently and hopefully waiting for the outcome of the negotiations. In order not to interrupt the negotiations, we endured it silently. However, one year later, they were only willing to pay 1/4 claims. In other words, these brands acknowledge their responsibilities, but they think we should get only their waste".

photo: Greenpeace

in the face of the pressure of public opinion, in the past more than a year later, Inditex announced that it is global and local trade union union IndustriALL, and the Mango and Next cooperation to establish a fund to help workers have been difficult, the factory suddenly closed the influence of children.

according to the middle of 2017, Inditex group announced the first quarter earnings, as of April 30th, three months, Inditex sales rose 14% to 5 billion 600 million euros, net profit rose 18%.

, that is to say, the claims amount of about 155 workers, accounting for 0.01% of the quarterly sales of Inditex group.

graph, the graph from: Greenpeace

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