Tiger running in the Dongying marathon, waiting for you oh!

Dongying Marathon

hupupaobu· 2016-05-13 07:55:10

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2013 years of May 12, tiger bashing running for the first time and running friends meet in the Yellow River Estuary (Dongying) marathon, gathered more than 30 partners together to participate in the event. />

year run with partners in the Yellow River Estuary, and now where?


2016, Yellow River Estuary, the Tiger flutter running sounded the assembly of the horn, have to wait for the partner, and now the friends we meet on the track, to meet together to achieve their goals.

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2. tiger bashing running @ Dongying QQ group: 459996213

Tiger flutter in the running for the Dongying runners to create exclusive City QQ group, through the Dongying marathon officially opened.

  weather may 8, Japan on Sunday, Dongying highest temperature of 22 degrees, southerly 4 level. Compared to the maximum temperature of three degrees 35 years ago, it would be a suitable running weather.

I you in Dongying,


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Tiger running in the Dongying marathon, waiting for you oh!

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