Shanghai Ctrip parent child garden event: senior executives resign and kneel down

Ctrip parents children Shanghai

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future network in Beijing on 8 November, (reporter Liu Lu) "Qinziyuan event brings harm and suffering to Ctrip staff of parents and children, of which HR served as senior director of shaomou, Qinziyuan regulators on behalf of more than a year, have the duty of supervision, has resigned. "Ctrip headquarters responsible person in response to the exclusive interview with the future network reporter responded.

according to Ctrip Fang said that the current parent child garden has stopped operating in the state. No plans for business yet.

Ctrip executives because of child abuse event according to the resignation of

Ctrip said Qinziyuan Ctrip commissioned "modern family" magazine "for the children under the Academy of management, as of now has third of the teachers involved to make the following treatment:

(fire) revocation of main parties: Ctrip Qinziyuan rainbow class logistics personnel week a post

(expelled) revocation of Ctrip Qinziyuan rainbow class Tang duty

revocation (expulsion) Ctrip parent-child garden nursery Shen post

(expelled) revocation of Ctrip Qinziyuan Service Director Zheng Mouzhi

at present, 4 staff involved have been taken away by the police investigation, the 1 bishop teacher and 1 persons with teacher certification, there are 1 nurses with the nurse certificate, there are 1 staff with health certificate.

Qinziyuan responsible Zhang Baobao said: Ctrip in the HR request, has been on 8 November to all parents to apologize, as Qinziyuan Chengbanfang, has an unshirkable responsibility, further investigation is willing to cooperate with the police and ctrip.

recently, a "Ctrip kindergarten teacher child abuse" heat transfer video on the Internet, video, teachers wear clothes and rude children, children pushed his fall, hit his head on the corner of the table; and teachers forcing children to swallow unknown items, causing children to cry.

" hosted by Shanghai Ctrip teacher abuse children, pushing his fall hit his head on the corner of the table.

child abuse incident once issued, immediately triggered widespread concern in the community. Subsequently, Ctrip back to the event, the parent-child garden for the entrusted third party management, has commissioned third parties to expel personnel involved. Ctrip said it will give children and their families related physical examination and psychological intervention, to ensure that the impact of the event to a minimum.

according to the Ctrip response, hosting the "modern family" is entrusted to Ctrip's magazine "to children academy, the management of the project. The purpose is to solve the problem that the children of the employees are not taught before they go to kindergarten. The project also received the support and encouragement from the relevant departments of the Shanghai municipal government and the Federation of trade unions.

will communicate with parents kneel teacher asking forgiveness parents was out of control

according to the @hello girl warrior said, "the video from WeChat group in different users of some related videos. Events are real events. "

published in @hello a beautiful girl warrior in the video to understand, parents will meet the scene, hit the teacher to all parents kneel apologize," I'm really sorry, really sorry, I know I was wrong, now no matter what is useless. "

Shanghai Ctrip custody of child abuse teachers, parents communicate at the scene to kneel down to all the parents present.".

parents crying, "a year and a half of the children, spraying water spray on the eyes, mouth, you suffer it?" I've been from last night to now. I cried to this day, I regret it, I regret the green intestines. "

video site according to the reporter understands, the parents and the garden party meeting, the mood is very excited, parents have been asked the teacher," you what time from the beginning, you start from what when child abuse. How can your teacher do such a thing?. "

, according to the park outflow monitoring video showed that child abuse teacher has fed unknown objects to the child's mouth, and then proved to be mustard.

parents at the meeting, more angry parents, rushed up to the mouth of the teacher squeezed into the whole tube of mustard, the scene once out of control.

parents meeting, angry parents rushed up to the teacher's mouth squeezed into the whole tube of mustard.

Ctrip responded: stop operations, no intention of opening the women's Federation did not respond to

, after the incident occurred, the follow-up, who, how to compensate for the relevant parents? Ctrip said, "as a regulator, Ctrip will compensate the parents. Ctrip will offer two weeks paid vacation to Ctrip employees. For the related children, Ctrip will also provide psychological treatment and medical help. "

violence against the teacher, Ctrip will take what accountability measures?" Shanghai Ctrip headquarters responded, "related to the relevant teachers, Ctrip firmly urged the garden side to be dealt with severely. At present, some people have to lift the contract with ctrip. At the same time, Ctrip has been on the alert in November 7th, Ctrip and Ctrip parents stand together, firmly tracking the event in the end. "

, according to media reports, the accident of the children the youngest in the rainbow class 18 to 24 months, someone's staff including yellow clothes cleaning staff, a nurse, a teacher, in addition the director also identified dereliction of duty, a total of four persons responsible. At present, Ctrip has removed all four responsible persons.

11 8, Ctrip CEO Sun Jie to employees

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