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guanchazhewang· 2017-11-09 10:31:48

[observer Web text / Chen Yali] yesterday, watching a news report by the network, in Zhejiang, a 90 female welder live daily to explain welding knowledge, with 540 thousand fans.

, some readers mentioned that the little sister's income must be very impressive.


interpretation of her income is estimated to view most people including seckill network, I believe,

students believe that after all fans of 54 million people live, live from the platform will be able to earn a lot of money.

. Interpretation of

a 15 seconds short video

can earn more than 100 to more than 200

this live even more

so many fans thousands of tens of thousands of people without

two hours of live usually have thousands of pieces of

from the platform to earn money must pay higher than.

certainly is all nonsense on income income

actual is certainly live wage income far exceeds the

but there are students that, even in addition to broadcast platform to earn money, the "master" salary is high.

, after all, is the highest level certification of the welder of the classification society - NK-A3Z skills certification.

Mount Yuelu "interpretation of

comment above is not to say that the female live high income by welders, but the wages of shipyard welders was very high, if the welding of liquefied natural gas ship is higher.

must be the interpretation of qingluan ong, senior welder starting salary is very high, the elder sister is the real white Formica

the welder's income ah how? We can talk about it.

it's not as low as many people think.

because the welding industry is very hard, many workers are reluctant to engage in this occupation. Its working environment is noisy, the temperature is high, people easily sweating, heat stroke.

news screenshot

, and the closer the welding to human distance, the greater the lethality of ultraviolet radiation and radiation. Long time engaged in such work not only decreased visual acuity, poisonous gases cause dizziness, inflammation of the nose and throat, but also suffering from pneumoconiosis (because of the smoke produced by welding), long-term inhalation of manganese dust can cause occupation of chronic manganese poisoning.

but the market demand for welders and other technical personnel is also very large.

is not high precision knife interpretation cannot do without people, do homework and changing conditions, only manual welding to complete …

enterprises in order to attract talent, can only choose to improve compensation.

in the first half of this year Shandong news is a report: "

" according to the Strait Metropolis Daily reported in February this year, Xiamen special recruitment meeting, major companies are fighting for technical personnel. Yu Jinhua, the president of Jinhua vocational training school in Xiamen, said that the welder's salary was at least 4000 yuan for a long time, and the monthly salary could be up to 8000 yuan.

Hefei Evening News reported in May this year, in the blue collar workers in Hefei, welders ranked first in income. The high number was 104 thousand and 200, and the median was 63 thousand and 100.

China machine business network reported on June, the Nanning Railway Station in Guangxi recruitment site, a recruitment company sources said, "fitter, welder, CNC operator of the professional, the salary is generally high, the internship can get a monthly salary of three thousand or four thousand yuan. Welders, for example, generally have 5000~7000 yuan / month. "As the demand, welders and other types of pay several thousand yuan more than two thousand or three thousand workers, workers and other types of wages.

Xiaobian also searched the recruitment information in Shanghai region, basically more than 5000 and even more than 10000.

" because of the gap between the area and the scale of the enterprise, there will be some differences around the welder wages, but overall, in fact, their wages have reached a better level than the traditional sense, not sitting in the office of the "white collar" low wages.

and that's just the average welder's salary.

let's look at the details of the little sister.

welder is a skilled worker, but also need to study the certificate.

generally speaking, the most valuable certificates of welders are:

1. welder qualification certificate, that is, certificate of grade. It can be divided into junior, intermediate, senior, technician and senior technician. The mechanic who can reach the advanced technician level is already rare, senior teacher fu.

2. international welder qualification certificate means that if you can get this certificate, you can go abroad to work.

3. classification society welding certificate. This certificate is the design is little sister took Tang certificate. Some of the students in

may feel strange. They already have welder qualification certificate. Why did he come up with a certificate of classification society? What is the classification society?

Classification Society (Classification Society) is an institution that establishes and maintains relevant technical standards for the construction and operation of ships and offshore facilities. It is the main business of technical inspection of new ships, qualified for the safety of the ship's facilities and gave the corresponding certificate; according to the needs of the inspection business, formulate corresponding technical specifications and standards; by domestic or foreign government commissioned on behalf of their participation in maritime activities.

shipyard is a big electric welding house,

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