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[/ observer network] this year more than Qianang Xu Navy collision, revealed the United States Marine Corps commander ill discipline, dereliction of duty and other issues. However, the discredited seventh fleet was even more reluctant to investigate because of a large-scale corruption investigation.

in the past more than 10 years, the Malaysia born defense contractor Leonard Francis (hereinafter referred to as Leonard) suspected of accepting the seventh fleet senior officers. According to Washington Post November 5th news, the U.S. Navy Crime Investigation Bureau (NCIS) and the U.S. Department of justice anti-corruption investigation list, has recently expanded to more than 60 admirals and hundreds of officers. Informed sources said, Leonard of the Navy deep penetration of bribery, the former Soviet Union spy agency "Zuckerberg" inferior by comparison.

, a 53 year old

of the seventh fleet, conquered by alcohol and sex, Leonard was given the name "Fat Leonard Leonard" because of his body fat (159 kilograms). His Asia grand maritime defense company is mainly engaged in maritime defense logistics supply contracting work.

Francis Leonard:

supply chain Washington Post because almost hand grasp the entire seventh fleet in the southeast, Leonard in the United States Navy with a great reputation. In addition to Southeast Asia, from Russia's Vladivostok to Brisbane, Australia, there are his figures.

's career can be on the upgrade because Leonard, spent decades of time, "buy" with the United States Navy "address each other as brothers.". It is reported that Leonard

, lavish, often invited the United States Navy senior officers to Asia and Asian luxury restaurants, and pay for the latter. He often exaggerated luxury after dinner party, and prepare a lot of wine, called courtezan company. According to the Washington Post

said, such a banquet often last for many days, let us navy down here.

in this way, Leonard gradually gained the trust of the US navy". In exchange, he will receive confidential information, including the itinerary and sensitive development contracts of warships and submarines.

used the secret data and the connections in the Navy, and Leonard left American warships at his company's port. After that, he would charge high fees for fuel, tugs, barges, food, water and sewage treatment. According to the Washington Post, this activity lasted for at least 10 years, until September 16, 2013, Leonard was arrested in California.

this is the United States Navy was the maximum penetration of

Leonard pleaded guilty in January 2015, he started to admit to the bribery many naval officers and for Navy more than $35 million. However, the US Navy Crime Investigation Bureau said it was just the tip of a super bribery case.

as early as 2006, the Navy Crime Investigation Bureau launched a 27 survey of Leonard's company. There wasn't enough evidence to prosecute it until 2013. According to the U.S.

Vox news news November 6th, evidence that 5 during the American naval officer to visit Philippines in 2008 to participate in the "days of promiscuous party" in the hotel and drank all the expensive champagne stock, worth $50 thousand, all paid for by Leonard.

in the subsequent investigation, the U.S. Department of justice to the Naval Criminal Investigation Bureau to follow it, in one fell swoop list of criminal charges against 28 naval officers, including 2 admiral.

14" a U.S. Navy officer

has pleaded guilty to the U. S. Navy also confirmed that is reviewing the 440 other active and retired personnel, including 60 active and former admiral , examined included may violate the law or federal military ethics they dealing with Francis and company "grand Asia maritime defense company".

9" the name of the United States Navy senior officers are waiting for interrogating

currently known is 10 people, including retired major general Bruce Lovelace is awaiting trial. Lovelace was arrested in California in March this year, he was charged with conspiracy, bribery and perjury.

5" U.S. Navy senior officers were warned and disciplinary

reported that, for a variety of corrosion for the Navy by Francis, an anonymous U.S. Navy retired officers admitted: "even the Soviet Union had for us penetration than Francis, the KGB do not he did that. "

" or "a spree will hurt more admiral

Leonard's bribery scandal involving the level I am afraid not only in the seventh fleet.

was deeply trusted by the United States Navy because of the deep inner vein of the American navy. Leonard was deeply convinced by the American navy. Even after he became an investigative officer at the naval Crime Investigation Bureau, he continued to attend naval activities throughout the United States as VIP.

Washington Post said, September 2011, Leonard was invited to Anna

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