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"Utawarerumono" first published the first Trailer Remake

Utawarerumono game weekly Fami

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-11-09 13:46:41

is a new phase of the "weekly Fami" published "utawarerumono to the Lullaby" HD remake of the latest information, Aquaplus's official website also released the video preview.


address Youku utawarerumono to the Lullaby" is a feature of AVG strategy game, the earliest available in the PC platform in 2002, then landed on the PS2 platform, the HD remake picture made substantial improvement based on the PS2 version, the character and scene becomes more sophisticated, the game has also been drawing new CG.



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heavy plate event CG

this will be landing PS4/PSV platform in April 26, 2018, as a "return to the origin and spread of a new work", "the famous There will be more new stories waiting to be unfolded.

source: famitsu

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"Utawarerumono" first published the first Trailer Remake