These are the Science Parenting methods that have been sought after and overturned, and how many have you believed?

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jiatingyishengzaixian· 2017-11-09 22:33:56

, author Lili mother do not know how much treasure mom, remember that in February last year, Dr. Cui Yutao "siege" of the event? The reason is that Dr. Cui's "micro-blog" for the treatment of febrile seizures is challenged and challenged by pediatrician Dr. pei.

Pei doctor pointed out: "febrile convulsions to the child's mouth stuff is wrong, the general does not bite his children tic ; while forced into hard objects, but may even damage the oral asphyxia caused by . "And Dr. Cui's reply is already 's" empirical medicine "theory of outdated .

" in this regard, Cui doctor did not make any response, but the medical debate has evolved into "fan wars": people sigh with 5 million fans of the "Cui Shen" go down, there are people desperate to maintain.

aside from the tearing force on the Internet, I don't know how many of my mother is like me, and more is the complex feeling of "chilling, anxiety and anxiety" intertwined

why is it so difficult for to learn parenting knowledge in China?! as an ordinary treasure mom, I have a lot of respect for the doctor and the doctor Cui Pei; as a new mother, but every day holding books, chasing "parenting by" what we learn, have no way!

ask elders? "Lack of professionalism is not wise remark of an experienced person" say, more crazy, three kinds of nuns who you listen to each one sticks to his argument,?

asked the doctor? It is said that on average, has only 0.43 poor doctors in every 1000 children in China, . How much treasure mom had experienced doctor's face? But this does not blame the doctor, how can we expect to work every day, "work with the war", the high intensity of the work of doctors, calmly, to explain medical knowledge to everyone?

, so the emergence of Cui Yutao and other doctors, for us, how rare it is! If they weren't active on the Internet, and they were going out of their way to science, what could we do with these new parents? Is it a degree, or is it climbing or brushing in the mother's community?

really, I don't even like this "mutual tear", after all, for me and other ordinary parents, the great God debate more lively, we are closer to the truth than .

of course, the more tearing, the more mistakes we have in parenting. Today, let's look back at the "science" parenting that has been so popular in the past years that it was overturned later, and see how many of you have been caught in the pit What time

01 "universal calcium method" < / strong>

I do not know, big China became popular universal calcium "tradition": the bald? Calcium deficiency! Sweating? Calcium deficiency! Teething late? Calcium deficiency! Sleep out of touch? Calcium deficiency!

and the truth is: breast milk, formula milk, infant nutrition rice flour, already contains enough calcium, as long as the baby diet is reasonable, normal development, there is no need to deliberately fill.

02 "crying immune training"

a few years ago, has been tortured night milk Po mom, come into contact with the taste of the cry of immune training "and through practice; found, this method seems to be effective, and immediately received more praise.

later "intimate parenting" debut, "cry immune training" is called big huyou. A child my mother told me very regret to Dabao used "cry free" -- although at the time of

work, but the first half of two and began repeatedly; treasure cry hold, hungry to feed, 1 years old can natural sleeping through the night.

03 "strong>

baby swimming" < / baby swimming in recent years is a fire, first heard Dave with baby swimming is very common, and then I heard the baby swimming all the good: the promotion of neural development, the development of intelligence......

then, in the mother, baby, confinement center, you can see the baby with a neck circle swimming scene. However, in foreign infant swimming is not what the "collar":

plastic material may easily lead to allergies, compression of the cervical spine; water quality, and the baby swimming places, are not included in the scope of supervision and epidemic prevention station. In question, baby swimming becomes optional from necessity.

" that treasure the mother see here, have this kind of confusion:
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