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Fit Gemini motto in the twelve constellations inside birth time yes May 22 June 21 this

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twelve in the constellation , was born in May 22nd to June 21st this time period of the constellation Gemini, the Gemini man is a clever, they have a quick reaction capability in life, but Gemini people often do things that are not enough to stick, is not what you, so can give a person not reliable impression, your sign is Gemini? Do you know what kind of motto the Gemini people are good for?


1. Gemini success Maxim

change, ghosting change ball. Gemini, but not suspicious focus, want to succeed must select lane, remember not to change direction at any time!


Gemini Gemini motto: ye do not stay here, stay somewhere!

they look all things to all men do not pay attention to anything, they are the most important, especially relatives. In the inability to do something to the family, they often give themselves bad psychological hints. Then they pursue something else. Because in their minds, other things are very new. (fortune telling

3. Gemini must know the life maxim

Gemini: Happy speaker, not verbal; good speaker, can not figure things. — — Chen Jiru

means that people who like to send people everywhere can't talk to him; people who like to talk about people can't figure out things with him! Gemini should remember this sentence well! Your eloquent and natural curiosity, it is easy to give a &ldquo like language, good procedure; ” impression, people will be reported to &ldquo if things go on like this, not to you; and &rdquo language, no matter; attitude! So you be careful to maintain their image, sincere, speak extremely elegant and valuable says!

summary: from the above article we can see that the Gemini man is a glib, they have a natural curiosity, often give people a bad impression so, among the motto, the Gemini man is more suitable for hi word, not with words; a good procedure. Can not figure. — — Chen Jiru, the maxim of life.

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