Gemini girls don't love you anymore

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's own emotional face when there will be what kind of performance must be on the life of different people are different, one love what feelings along the way how to It differs from man to man. in emotion, to express their love and do not love the attitude is different. For Taurus, Gemini girls in the emotion if you do not love, what signals and performance will be? If you want to know, then hurry up with the small series together, here's a look at the relevant introduction!


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two children: no longer ask East West asked

two children can be very lazy, lazy people; can also be very diligent, said about this and that, the mouth can not stop. Decide whether he's cold or hot, or his attitude to you. If two children will love you very much, every feature of humor funny, hard only to Bo lovers happy to exhaust all the skills of hearty laughter.

when the two children start extremely emotionally for you even It is without rhyme or reason. temper, when you ask “ ” when she called a smile, or tell a joke to him by , two children is still expressionless poker face, even if the smile is bitter and helpless this implies that the two children, may not love you so much.

Gemini doesn't love you.

Gemini doesn't love you: when Mars or Venus

is in love with Gemini every night, you may get sick of them. Because once you fall in love with Gemini, you will want to spend twenty-four hours with each other, eager to know everything about each other, including all details from small to large. Every time I see you are attentive, twitter will be “ small verbose ”. (fortune telling

, but if a Gemini day doesn't love you anymore, then you must feel it in that instant. They will suddenly cool your enthusiasm, because they usually talk too much, do not love you, it will appear that the topic is so small, the atmosphere is so silent. A star is a crossing between different night.

: To sum up the content of the summary that the Gemini girl is a very lively person, if they love you, they will one day bother you, around you, want to know everything about you, but if you do not love you so they will become very lazy. They don't want to know anything about you. They don't ask the east. And a lot of times you'll be angry for nothing.

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