IPhone X in the carnival, fans in the carnival, cattle without words

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is Apple's 10th anniversary anniversary edition, iPhone X attracted the eyes of countless people, with rumors of a serious shortage of production capacity, is not only a professional "cattle", even ordinary people have impulse when a return to the "amateur speculators". After all, last year iPhone little money by reselling someone.

11 3, apple iPhone X officially launched seven years ago, the sale of grand reproduced all over the world, people can not help but recall father Joe a hand to build the first iPhone in June 29, 2007 on the scene.

third days in November 5th, but good times don't last long, apple iPhoneX officially on sale, the channel's price has dropped below prices. In part of the dealer's offer, the iPhone X 64GB version has fallen to 8200 of the price. This time, reselling iPhone cattle has been cattle can not get up.

is hard to find, and "iPhone ox" or "high-risk occupation"

is not the same as the previous year. This year's iPhone X is very good buy. IPhone X has been booked since October 27th, and can still be booked in the official website. Although the shipping time should be 3 to 4 weeks, but there is no last year iPhone 7 Series bright black can not be scheduled. And for some of the first time in the official website booking consumers, the day of sale can go to the store to pick up.

" obviously, after about iPhoneX production capacity and difficult trouble reports, there may be a market for Apple's official release smoke bombs. As everyone knows, the previous iPhone in capacity constraints, cattle can always part of the channel in the first time to get the goods and then transferred to sell high, the iPhone X is quite effective in combating the comprehensive stock, cattle market.

"robbed? In the warehouse there are tens of millions of Taiwan ha ha ha ha ha! "

", on the other hand, has sold more than 5 million 500 thousand units since Apple started its pre order 5 hours later. It's easy to see that Apple has made enough reserves earlier. According to the Taiwan

industry chain news, Apple has asked Foxconn to shorten the delivery time of iPhone X, and at least to shorten the time of the week, this is the reason why a large number of Apple's official website to buy iPhone X greatly one week in advance.

had news that Foxconn iPhone X has been expanded to 35 production lines, production reached about 250 thousand taiwan. And in November will be expanded to 100 production lines, is expected in December, iPhoneX shipments will gradually increase, the shortage situation will gradually ease.

iPhone X price break reasons, in addition to Apple goods more abundant, Chinese consumers in mobile phone consumption is also gradually rational, high prices to many consumers blocked outside the door.

from iPhone 8 to iPhone X's first official website price below, can now see the "iPhone" cattle has evolved into a "high risk occupation". At least at this stage, what we can see is that Apple doesn't plan to play hunger marketing on the iPhone X.

why would "sell", nor choose no reason to return

since the machine is no longer popular, everyone can buy the original price, why not choose to return the cattle, and would rather than the official website of lower price to sell. Isn't that a cry for losses?

in fact, for some scalpers who take goods from distributors, they sell more than the official website, and they still make money.

removes the iPhone from the consumers, and some senior cattle take the goods from the dealers. And Apple's dealer price is always a lower price than the official website.

, for example, in the Jingdong, Suning, Gome and other electronic business platform, the price of iPhone was lower than the official price, but they are still profitable, because Apple rebate for the dealer to take the goods are.

"iPhone 8 Apple Store in the Tmall flagship store, Gome, Suning Jingdong, price comparison (source:

and buy some slowly through the official website booking directly take the cattle, you are not entitled to apple to the dealer price, their take the goods, and most consumers is. For them, early return is the best way to stop.

, and the last one, from the consumer to increase the price of mobile phone cattle party. They pay more money than ordinary consumers, but at the current spot, they can't raise the price too much when they change hands. In addition, because the mobile phone is not directly purchased from the official channels of apple, it can not take the normal no reason return process.

iPhone wake up, X is not so perfect publicity

let the global fruit powder carnival,

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IPhone X in the carnival, fans in the carnival, cattle without words

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