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University of Liverpool is one of the oldest schools in the UK. The number of Chinese students enrolled every year is very impressive. The University of Liverpool is not only high security factor, price level is still very low, some fruits and vegetables cheap to doubt themselves left a false learning. Here to share with you the most comprehensive study of University of Liverpool life experience, really, this small student life doesn't envy!

". A luggage

1, clothes with a waterproof coat, sweater 1-2 enough. The prices of other clothes are no different from those in China, and they are very convenient to buy.

2, 6-7 3-4 (a pair of jeans socks here are generally large, and pants, and drill pants here no matter side, so, from domestic to multi band)

3, girls don't take what brand of cosmetics, here are cheap and. Multi band is the contact lens care solution, this side is expensive. Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo do not have to take a lot of, this side is very cheap, and the same as domestic.

4, pen, stationery and so on are almost without side, 99P is a Liduode shop, buy a lot of 99P, a 500 page book. It's a highlighter, and it's a little expensive here. Other stapler and so on, 99P can buy a whole set.

5, with letinous edodes, fungus, chicken, soup soup, unless you don't want to cook,

6, electric cooker and kitchen knife, you will find great value.

7, in the country to find good courses related books, if there is a photocopy of the original version must be more, the book here is very expensive. So it's better to take a book with clothes than with a book.

8, if you can't cook, bring a practical family menu to make chicken and pork based.

9, computer, U disk, mobile hard disk, cable must bring 2, this side is very expensive. The digital camera must be brought, useful, the best use of information and books, the book here is very expensive, the library books can only borrow 2 times a week.

two. Live in

, Chinese people often say, basic necessities of life. Let's live, because we have to think about finding a place to live. There are three choices: school dormitories, student dormitories, and housing outside. The one-year master's words, worry, recommended in dormitories, easy. Dormitories include water, electricity, Internet, free Internet TV, heating, etc.. The school dormitory is the school management, generally in the school, security will not have a big problem. And because in the campus, the school of resource utilization is convenient, especially at night to run a library, overnight to catch what operations, convenient! Student dormitory is some professional management of the company's management, good accommodation in the school dormitory, costs almost, a little cheaper. Most of these dormitories are near the school, although there is no convenient dormitory, but generally no more than 15 minutes walk. As for the outside rental housing, consider the problem is more. Geographical location (safety), housing hardware, furnishings, sharing, water and electricity, gas, tax (council tax) and so on. Kensington's L7 area (post code) behind Liverpool Royal Hospital, many people rent a house, but bad reputation, it is said that security is a problem. Liverpool is basically on the north side, south of the security. L15 is better, L18 is the best, but it's a little far away from school, so you can get to school by bus.

recommended one-year masters in dormitories, especially the school dormitory, will save a lot of trouble. Because of the British climate, it's not very hot in summer. If it is outside the house, whether it is the use of electric heating or gas heating, will be a small amount of money. There is the network, University of Liverpool dormitory network is worth recommending. Speed, bandwidth, without any restrictions, BT, eMule, thunder, PPLive and so on software can be used. Rental, the network to share, and software restrictions, such as BT. In addition, Melville Grove has free parking. If you live anywhere else, you'll have to park your own money.

three. Eat

live there, and then eat. Take Melville Grove as the starting point to introduce down eating. There are Tesco, Asda, Lidl, Netto and Iceland in the supermarket. Vegetable or downtown big Tesco, and Asda, but Asda far away from Tesco. When Lidl discounts, the dish is the cheapest, and the freshness is good. Buy meat at Tesco, relatively fresh. Occasionally go to netto to buy fruit, wine and drinks, and go to Iceland to buy eggs and frozen shrimp. There is a shop in the centre of the bold street, can buy balsam pear. There is a small square London street TJ Jughes in front of the door, there is a stall selling vegetables, good quality, is worth considering.

metro (big supermarket) 24 hours business, but the best way to walk in the daytime, the road through the region is not very safe, there is also a home bargains, selling daily necessities.

in the center of the city Central Station, there are Sainsbury, the quality of the food in the British supermarket is superior, but a little expensive. And the supermarket on the first floor of Marks and Spencer on the downtown pedestrian street sells the best quality food in the UK, which is the best price.

Chinese still have to eat rice, which can be bought in Chinese supermarkets, including Thailand rice, India rice, Korean rice, Chinese rice, Japanese rice. Liverpool has the earliest European city of China, although it is not large, it has the longest history in europe,

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