Implementation of joint operations and transformation of the rule of law innovation

Punishment from the military in 1983 the rule of law joint training joint system

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< p > - Yao Shun < p < p > < strong > Abstract: Legislative and Gongcheng. Through the authority of the regulatory system and mandatory, will fight each process, all aspects of curing, forming habits, to be internalized in the heart, outside of the line, in order to achieve effective joint. Before

< p > soon, the northern theater formulate issued a "joint combat duty regulations," a series of laws and regulations, aimed at improving cadres command ability for the joint operations, and set up joint training and guidance of ruling by law.

of the teacher in law, punishment from the military." Joint warfare training is a complicated systems engineering, involving the army, Navy, air force, rocket forces, strategic support troops multiservice; covering of command and control, intelligence information, firepower, full dimensional protection, integrated support elements and involved personnel, equipment and more, covering a wide scope, field width. If only by relying on the authority of the leadership or rely on documents, meetings and other administrative means to coordinate the mobilization of troops, has been far from meeting the needs of joint operations, the military action must be done with regulations, there is a system, there are follow.

modern joint operations, the speed of light propagation in the second time, found that destruction, the war is a decisive battle. There is no a complete set of laws and regulations for security, once the war, prone to conflicts, the engaged in the programme, want to countermeasures of chaos, team also did not pull up, the shelves have not built, has been wiped out! In order to ensure the efficient operation of a joint command system, only through the authoritativeness of laws and regulations and mandatory battle each process, each to be cured, form a habit, do internalization in the heart, outside of the line, in order to achieve effective joint in wartime. Therefore, the more the joint rule of law in advance, the more the more the more the law has according to.

"will follow laws, is training the wind; as soldiers act, can stand the army." In fact, according to the law, to win the war can not only disrupt the battle. During the Vietnam War, US air force, Navy, due to the lack of unified and coordinated plan, each in North Vietnam in different parts of the bombing, the waste of resources, the effect is poor; in 1983, the U.S. invasion of Grenada or because of the unsound legal system, several big services housekeep, fighting each other, cause the interservice communication is not smooth, refused to cooperate with each other, killing more than 100 people. Bitter experience, the U. s.military thereafter in joint training and were a series of research and exploration, establish the perfect legal system.

then set off. There must be laws to go by in order to training officers instinct joined up thinking, improve officers across the military services, cross sectoral, cross domain of unity consciousness and cooperative ability. The more information, the more legal system. Can be rule-based truly a variety of combat forces, combat units, combat elements highly fit, play a combined benefit, realization of force operations, ensure that command and control real-time, rapid response, to overcome quickly. < p > to Russian as an example, in order to create a good operation mechanism for joint operations, amendments to the Russian promulgated the "national defense law," the military reform act, a series of laws and regulations, and effectively improve the Russian joint combat capability. Therefore, the Russian crisis in Ukraine's remarkable performance.

method and time varying, ritual and secularization. At present, our army "Military Commission tube, theater battle, services building" the new system has been formed, joint training of "system" has been implemented. But to realize from the "system" to "mechanism", to create a supporting system and mechanism, but also the tireless efforts of all levels.

joint operations to achieve a full range of transformation, calling for the rule of law innovation. The joint operations supporting the role of forward-looking planning, couplet fought the safeguard function to pay close attention to the introduction, couplet cooperation war plays a complementary role to actively improve, truly to the systems, the field of "system" promote joint training and from the "people" to "heart", from "system" to "contact mechanism of deep transformation, to ensure that our army in the future joint combat decisive victory.

(Department of the Nanjing Garrison)

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