"Autumn elegance" married! Husband is the most photographed man in China

Wang Zhi the movie Yi Yi Sherlock's worries

wangyiyule· 2017-11-10 07:13:27

entertainment NetEase in November 9th reported this morning, actress Wang Zhi was photographed in Beijing Huairou District Civil Affairs Bureau suspected licensing, sometimes sparked heated debate. Not long after, she was in the micro-blog drying a group photo direct response, in 2017 before the bachelor's day announced the marriage. The man is not Charlotte, nor is Yuan Hua, but with five years of boyfriend Yi yi. Wang Zhi's actions not only harvest the majority of users more blessing, a large wave of fans faint cry in the toilet, have said: "after the news, the heart like Yuan Hua in the movie: snow, wind down … …

Wang Zhi in the two part, happy twist hot film "Sherlock" iron fist "worry" the shame in excellent interpretation of "autumn elegant" corner, and by the media and the audience as "national first"; the color value and acting sexy actress strength, learn martial arts, as a village, never had any feelings of Gossip Gossip, almost zero; especially Wilson, American nationality Certification Center (ACIC) review committee, the China will take pictures of men, for Huang Bo, Li Bingbing, Daniel Wu Liyan Tong and other big coffee palm mirror, a new era to create a new generation. They combined, fully deserve "langcainvmao".

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