"Los Angeles" black Switch trailer released a number of new features to support

Black Los Angeles game Z

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-11-10 15:39:38

Rockstar today officially released the Switch version of "black" Los Angeles notice, mainly about the Switch version of the exclusive features.

" according to the official description, Switch version of "black" in Los Angeles will support the touch screen operation, Joy-Con HD, somatosensory vibration, and the shoulder view game also improved.

"black Los Angeles" originally released in 2011, this is the story of a former soldier Kerr Philip in Losangeles in 40s, from the street patrol step by step into the detective story, since it is a Los Angeles detective story, the nature too frightful to the ear. The "Black Dahlia" event. The game has a complete investigation, collection, interrogation system, the protagonist and NPC realistic expression is also one of the selling points.

"black" Los Angeles heavy plate (PS4, Xbox, One, Switch) will be officially launched in November 14th.

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