"Deadly bomb" evil sword domain of God BOSS video open warfare

Player game sword domain

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-11-10 15:39:42

"bullet" deadly evil sword domain of God discloses two sections BOSS and 4 video game player online cooperation. The four game player


video has its own characteristics, the main view of a game player in charge of the main gun firing switch output, in addition to outside, but also set the trap, throwing grenades etc.. On this basis, players can also use the sliding shovel, back somersault and other coquettish moves, can quickly approach the enemy or away from dangerous areas.

in addition, this is also supported by melee, and there is a player on this line who uses a melee lightsaber to chop people.

takes the world Gun Gale Online, which is the most popular firearms in the original, as the stage. The player doesn't play the role of "Tong Ren" as the past, the protagonist is the player himself, and can customize the gender, body shape, hair style and other factors.

game will be landed on PS4/Xbox One/PC platform in February 8, 2018, Chinese version synchronous sale. The purchase of the first game player can get special weapons "silver gun", and "clothing" Yasina sword domain of God in the original version, download game player and a limited privilege, a period of time can advance to play the game.

source: Gematsu

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