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"5" Metal Gear Solid has a group of trophies: "reinforcement" and "enhanced" and "the strongest". This layer of progressive feeling, a bit like the era of host release. When SONY and Microsoft are playing a generation upgrade, they repeatedly blows, side reinforcement, reinforced over there (perhaps), now finally arrived in the generation of the strongest".

Xbox One X, codenamed Scorpio, known as the most powerful game host ever, has come to the studio. Tonight, let's look at the power of this performance monster.

Part 1 X1X

to get the feeling of lightning X1X, lightning teacher entered the state of excitement, to play for a few days, nothing on the mass 4K screenshots, image analysis of evolution. Tonight, the thunder teacher will first share with us the true impression of X1X as a player in a few days of intense use.

" lightning teacher personally to intercept 4K screenshot...... compressed small plate

Part 2 really throw tile used in what? The way X1X strengthens the

is compared with the Xbox One host, and X1X's reinforcement is multifaceted. What does the patch game look like? How much improvement can no patch play? Does the read disk really get faster in the memory of big memory? Let's focus on it first.

" here contains powerful powerful will bring what changes?

Part 3 highlights: real game experience

top priority, of course, is the actual game effect!

tonight, we prepared Xbox One S and Xbox One X each one, hope you can see the most significant difference (yes, even in the live rate...).

test games include: playing games, strengthen the patch 4K strengthen patch directly strengthen the games, strengthen patch Xbox 360 and Xbox games, and not patched Xbox 360 games. The species can be quite complete!

is expected to participate in the game include: "Tomb Raider" rise "war machine 4" "halo 5" "Liang Zi" "broken 3" dark soul "Ninja Gaiden black of the chapter" "wilderness redemption" etc..

"could hear the black dragon" reborn in X1X!

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