Lin Chiling mouth sell adorable wear bikini show sexy career line

Bikey Lin Chiling sun

beiqingwangyule· 2017-11-10 15:43:29

" according to Taiwan media reports, the first supermodel Lin Chiling trip full of files, often fly to work in different countries, she recently went to Malaysia, while the open sun enjoy leisure time, especially her wearing bikinis his profound career line super suction eye.

Lin Chiling today in the micro-blog PO broadcasting benefits, several pieces of self photos, I saw she was wearing a black bikinis, wearing their sunglasses designed, sat at the pool in the sun, sometimes pick up a drink, then pursed mouth sell adorable quite comfortable. Especially if she is to steal the spotlight, bikinis also wear a pink sweater, chest still sultry degree so that fans partly hidden and partly visible, call too foul.

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