Network transmission Chengdu girl group went to Dubai dating behind the scenes pushing hands was fined 100 thousand

Blind date Dubai Chengdu girl group Chengdu beauty

chengdoushangbao· 2016-05-13 09:05:18

< p > in March of this year, a about "12 girls in Chengdu will organize a delegation to visit Dubai blind, man assets more than 50 million" network information caused by the domestic media attention and Internet users, "Chengdu single beauty" "Dubai on a blind date" "50 million tyrant", these both to attract attention and refers to the words let the event of rapid fermentation, in a short period of time related reports crazy reproduced more than 1000 articles, netizens comments up 12 million. Public opinion generally condemned the respected money worship thought, injury of social morals, "Chengdu girl" therefore be "material", "vanity" label, image of the city of Chengdu caused serious negative impact.

in the event triggered hot friends at the same time, the Chengdu Internet Report Center also received a high tech Internet users to report, reflecting the Internet to find part-time college students encounter was blind". Report center promptly forwarded to the relevant authorities to carry out the relevant territorial investigation under the line. After the network letter, public security, industry and Commerce and other multi sectoral cross regional linkage, more than 10 times the scene forensics, with the gradual deepening of the investigation, the truth also surfaced. Investigation shows, held on March 5 in Chunxi Road IFS square "Dubai dating activity is orchestrated by the Information Technology Co., Ltd. Chengdu, in the United States and European Union" Outstanding Single Ladies "selection activities, aimed at promoting dating business, and organizers claim" more than 2000 candidates "and" popular selection field "actual for businesses to hire 200 part-time students to the scene as female marriage, and" such as activities completed company is expected to achieve the number of plans to arrange fuzzy trip to Dubai "indicative planning to" Chengdu women's delegation to visit Dubai dating "gimmick to confuse the profit to speculation. < p > after high District Bureau of Commerce and industry of the United States and European Union, suspected false propaganda to initiate an investigation, violation of the "Anti Unfair Competition Law determined information technology Co., Ltd. Chengdu, in the United States and European Union", constitute violations of false and misleading propaganda on the quality of the commodity (marriage) services. Recently, the law enforcement departments in accordance with the law of the United States and Chengdu Mdt InfoTech Ltd to make administrative punishment, the parties shall be ordered to correct the illegal acts of false propaganda, eliminate the impact, and impose a fine of 100000 yuan. < p > Chengdu internet report suggested that the majority of Internet users, the decision of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on safeguarding Internet security, the Internet information services management approach "and other laws and regulations are clearly defined, using the Internet rumors and slander or published, spread the he harmful information, constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for responsibility. < p > network space is the common spiritual home of hundreds of millions of people, anyone in the words and deeds of the network space shall harm to other people and the public interest, fabrications, gossip, abuses, will be subject to moral condemnation and legal punishment. Net letter department will be the spirit of responsible to the society and the people's attitude, continue according to the law to strengthen the governance of network space, do is full of energy, the main melody high, for the majority of Internet users, especially young people to create a delicate gas is in the network space.

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