Who is more powerful than Richard Lee and Isabella Leong?

Isabella Leong Li Jiacheng Hongkong twins

shenyebagua· 2017-11-10 15:45:41

the two day niwai news should be new love is Isabella Leong's "img_box ~

" yes, is who is Li family of 3 sons, but missed with the giants of legend Isabella Leong

", although a few years ago, Isabella Leong also wanted to compound

" is only two people a month there will be one or two times the family. Isabella Leong said Richard Lee is more sweet overflowing, also said that "we are one family, of course Is "

"but later... Mr. Li's confidante is really much ~

< /p> is the new SEI? 92 year old Guo Jiawen, 25 year old Miss Hong Kong third ~ (Richard Lee is 50 good 50!)

" this girl is quite high, the birthday gift to tag "write what mind mind most precious gift"

" on Facebook? Should be refers to Lee sent to hundreds of millions of luxury house, ~

ha ha ~ indeed thought...

, then Isabella Leong revealed that he was single, no one chasing, let the feelings go naturally.

" is now a blink of an eye... Love is very tangled... After a meal, the man took Isabella Leong's hand for 1 hours and kissed 33 times...

media also said that Isabella Leong and Huan are very low-key, is the night after it came out the whole movie, also wore &darr

"... It's easy to be greasy...

with the Hong Kong media shot when Isabella Leong found new love about 40 years old, followed him 2 bodyguards, seems to have a certain social status "~

" and then from the hands of men's wear the value of HK $330 thousand in Hongkong Patek Philippe (Patek Philippe) Nautilus watch series, basic can judge whether he is a ~ ~ money ~

" that today to 818 the magic of Isabella Leong ↓

[whose real name is Liang Leyao Isabella Leong And just graduated from high school, she debuted a minor

" but the company's pitch, after 06 years, Chapman To and Anthony Wong together with the movie "Isabella", popular rapid rise in

" with the movie, Isabella Leong also won the best new actor and best actress award

ah ~ and then there will be a big disease, a variety of Poser

" acting is poor, poor attitude, bad temper, not to attend the company to arrange activities of assistant temper...

and her 21 year old musician Chen Huiyang love, also careless work

" in the earlier, Isabella Leong is 12 years old, her mother began for Isabella Leong and the emperor signed for 15 years, so there are several years of contract dispute

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