Russia's latest kiloton stealth ship exposure, firepower far beyond China's 056

Frigate missile Russia Crabbe

yunshangdekongmu· 2017-11-10 16:52:29

" in the Russian Navy a big trend is a light frigate like bamboo shoots after a spring rain like smoke, such as in the Black Sea fleet, to launch the "Crabbe" -NK missile "mob" M class frigate has been served. The small ship of the Black Sea fleet is far more than that, it will be equipped with "Vasily • Bykov class light frigate.

ship "Vasily • Bykov was launched in August 28, 2017, the ship built in Zelie nator Smolensk shipbuilding production. Oddly, it is not finished directly to the Black Sea fleet, but by tug with from inland waters to the destination, then the implementation of further outfitting. The Soviet era warships were mostly rough, and Russia is now trying to do fine work.

" is from the inland waters of departure, but in order to prevent accidents, do the preparatory work very well. "Vasily • Bykov" by a steel frame to be fixed, and fasten the rope. This ship new light frigate is shipped from October 6, 2017, until now has not arrived at the destination.

"Vasily • Bykov class frigate in the official name of Russia is the type 22160 patrol ship, the main responsibility of this ship is to monitor the implementation of offshore area and security tasks. Considering the tonnage, especially the weapon configuration, this type of warships is generally classified as a light frigate.

the level of Ship Displacement of 1500 tons, a total length of 94 meters, 14 meters wide, 3.4 meters draft, the maximum speed of 30 knots, the endurance of 60 days, the crew with 80 people. The main weapon is equipped with AK-176MA type 1 76.2 mm medium caliber gun, "Crabbe" -NK missile Unai device, "Kyle -1 anti-aircraft missiles, 2 boats and 14.5 mm anti-aircraft guns MTPU. In terms of anti submarine capability, it has the landing deck of the -27 helicopter.

" regardless of tonnage, or crew configuration, or the main gun and so on, "Vasily • Bykov class frigates are with our type 056 frigate has too many similar places. But it is a bright spot in air and land attack capability, "Crabbe" -NK missile can hit 2000 kilometers, the maximum range of Shiji Li -1 antiaircraft missile can reach 50 kilometers. Therefore, from the long-range firepower, this frigate is far more than the type 056 frigate.

to the destination in the tugboat's help, "Vasily • Bykov" frigate like hiking star, people on both sides of the river are always able to take a lot of photos of it. According to the Russian Navy plan, the class frigate will build 6 ships, of which 1 are nearing completion, and the other 4 are under construction.

" in addition to the Russian Navy's Black Sea Fleet occupied outside, "Vasily • Bykov class frigates and export plan. However, the military will be adjusted. The gun will be replaced by AK-220M type 57 mm gun, and "Crabbe" -NK missiles and "Shiji Li" may not be equipped with -1 type of ship to air missile.

"Vasily • feature above Bykov", can see the mast base very conspicuous. Due to the long trek, it is unavoidable to cause rust because of wind and rain and dew attack. Warships that build this tonnage do not have much demand for shipyards and infrastructure compared with destroyers and cruisers.

"Vasily • Bykov, rear deck details. Usually, about more than 1500 tons of warships are equipped with helicopter deck, but because of space factors, there is no way to install hangar. Some ships even have a hangar, and other aspects of the performance will have great sacrifice. As a result, many countries have built about 2000 tons of light frigates.

"Vasily has just completed the launch of • Bykov, light frigate, can see the mast has been installed, and later when shipment will be removed. Russia introduced the frigate, said it has a high level of modularity, so the ability to adjust the later task is possible. "Vasily • long-range cruise missile approach this small ship with Bykov, Russia has made a lot of them, the small tonnage capacity is not weak, it is worth learning.

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