Shanghai Disney was Tucao too expensive dumplings a 6

Disney Tucao dumplings tickets the Central News Agency

cankaoxiaoxi· 2016-05-13 09:05:28

< p > Reference News Network May 12 reported Taiwan media said that Shanghai Disney began operating test, mainland media reported on the 12th, the invitees evaluation "not optimistic", have vomit tank you. Estimated a three day tour of the lowest budget of 2600 yuan, two day tour of the lowest budget of 6000 yuan.

according to Taiwan's Central News Agency reported in May 12th, in order to meet the opening of June 16th, Shanghai Disney from last week to start the internal operation of the test, to invite employees to experience the evaluation of specific object. Outside the park do not buy tickets into the region, has opened the town of Disney and commercial facilities.

, the media said, has invited Di J Nene Tucao, Shanghai dishes mediocre, the price is very unusual. Almost all meals are in the 70 to 80 yuan, a combination of Chinese and Western double package asking price 250 yuan.

Park in the restaurant more expensive? Hot dog or braised chicken fillet with Steamed Rice children 60 yuan, 80 yuan a cheese burger, Pepsi dumplings 15 yuan, 6 yuan a. < p > if Shanghai Disneyland on Monday to Friday (and non holiday, opening ceremony, etc.) to play, with two adults and a child of a family of three. Ticket is about 1020 yuan; over the weekend to 1373 yuan. If a family of two three day tour, weekdays tickets for 1938 yuan, weekends and holidays will be 2610 yuan.

reported that, if you go to Shanghai on the weekend to play Disney, one day tour tickets 1371 yuan, 750 meals a day, shopping 500 yuan, the minimum budget of about 2600 yuan. < p > Shanghai Disney theme hotel has not yet announced the price, but according to the United States, Hong Kong Park price estimation, weekend two tour tickets 2610 yuan, 750 yuan accommodation (living Park estimate) 2000 yuan, three meals a day, shopping 800 yuan, the budget must 6000 yuan.

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