Is it more terrible than riding the Fairy Dance? "Blind pengci" have to be careful

The car Lang Yongchun Citroen Xuzhou

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Modern Express News (reporter Li Weihao correspondent Liu Zhisheng) Lang Yongchun drunk driving case has been sentenced, although the final court said, Lang Yongchun did not encounter the driving agent "immortal jump", but this makes this kind of fraud surfaced. According to media reports, there have been several owners in action, leading to many owners of drunk driving for generations, have repeatedly screened, careful prevention. However, drunk driving, pengci party will come up with new tricks. This does not, Xuzhou Lou was pengci, this tactic is blind pengci".

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happened on the night of September 23rd. That noon, 44 years old Lou Mou met a beautiful woman on WeChat. Two people, you come, I chat, long time past, each other already very familiar. Lou felt very good, then put forward to meet, the other a promise. In this way, two people met at a restaurant, "blind date".

in the process of eating, Lou some know that he drove, and did not drink, but did not expect the beauty of speech excited, Lou do not want to lose in front of her, and drank a bottle of beer. After dinner, it was already more than 9 in the evening. "You take me home.". "The woman offered it. Lou is welcome, invited each other on the car, go home together.

Lou didn't notice, he just drove away, a black Citroen car trailing over. "Accident" happened on the way.

bang! "Lou's car suddenly hit, was rear end."!

"you are drunk driving, we crashed our car, to compensate for our losses, or call the police, you have bad luck.". As soon as the other party gets off the car, he sets out a high price code. At this time, Lou a wake, pengci himself into a trap, he knew he was set to beauty.

knows all this, Lou refused to pay, fly into a rage, "would rather be police punishment, I will not pay compensation! "Finally, he chose to call the police. Suining Traffic Police Brigade squadron of police rushed to the scene after the Gupi, upon inquiry, that is not an ordinary traffic accident, the next day is handed over to the police station investigation gupi.

review by the police, Citroen car driver Zhou finally admitted that they are a pengci gang. At present, other people involved in the case were at large and the police are catching them.

but, Lou is drunk driving after all, traffic police departments to Lou drunk driving behavior to give punishment procedures, so have several telephone urged Lou Moumou to squadron punishment. According to

police, Lou will face administrative fine of 1000 yuan, driving license record 12 points, temporarily driving license for 6 months of punishment.

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