The best way to progress: to approach people who are full of positive energy!

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The best way for

to progress is to approach people who are full of positive energy!

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" Author: Yang Xiwen

: please respect a girl to (ID:neversaynever30)

the ancients said, "the wolf howl". Energy is contagious, if you want to change, want to make a difference, then the first to do, is to close those filled with positive energy, because they can help you realize that you are young, you are very lucky, your life is full of hope. No matter what age you

to now, living in the city which is a kind of work, you often contact people will be divided into such two types of people: one is

every time meet or talk is "the kind of people like ," said his dull life and you, boring partner, not even what the future work, a look that there seems to be no surprise

what about the future; and everyone around you is another kind of people, each have new share people, they don't have to be your best friend.

perhaps you are still some problems and values have had serious differences, but the chat is full of hope, a great amount of information, let you feel the life also has what to change. Or try.

in their body, something is deeply attracted to you, can give you more extensive thinking.

I call the first kind of negative friend, and the second is called active friend.


energy is contagious

if you don't believe this assertion I, can open the chat tool, sending a message of "what are you doing recently? "I dare say, quite a few people will answer you," what I can do, or the like chanting, and some people will tell you, "I recently read the book by xx! "I have a study class in this monthly magazine. I want to make use of the time after work. "I'm exercising. I've just finished five kilometers.". "If you choose

and the first kind of friends to talk, you talk generally will include" not "wages" can't afford to buy a house "forever" against their parents "occasionally, he / she will say" my girlfriend / boyfriend really don't understand me ", or" when I try to why life is still no improvement! "You'll probably go along with it, and then think of the life that you're sad about, and it's not easy. If you choose

and second friends to talk, you will probably find that his / her life as a legend, when everyone is enjoying a fair 24 hours every day, he / she has time to read a book or watch a movie running.

when you end the words at the same time, you will probably provoke this idea in mind, "or go to the new gym running today! "Would you like to buy one of his or her books?" "

if you really started what practical action, after work to practice the second friends brings you inspiration, then congratulations, you successfully absorbed energy is a positive type friend brings, and if you choose to and the first heavy topic to talk to friends I'm not sure, you will become the" suddenly inspired to redouble their efforts to "the man.


life so many things you can do is not enough to be your


around the world from the angle of energy in terms of positive energy I received from a "positive friend" on the body, always better than the "negative friends" much more. In a "negative" environment and "positive" environment, for a person's physical and mental development of the great difference.

I had a dispirited day, don't know where the goal of life, my heart knowing that "should try", but do not know where to start from what.

at that time, I feel my life is a bottomless quagmire, there is no one I hope for the future. I think there are so many trifles let me worry or trouble, I often ask myself "you sustenance of life where" boring so I can not give birth to a little will to fight.

and those of us is full of negative forces, like in the common experience of the terrible disease, cannot resist and kill each other every hour and moment, hope.

then I accidentally met a girl, she is a friend of a friend, is always on the road traveler, so we only had a few surface of the edge, and no chance to become the friend for a long time, but in the brief encounter, but I have learned from her very important lesson. I think of this girl now, her appearance has been blurred, but the mind will flash the impression that she is always full of fighting spirit, will be busy state, single, students

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