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this is an impetuous era, the audience grass is always greener, the program requirements and more demanding; production, lack of concentration, four kinds of attack, but still hold no audience preferences; TV strategy for five years, two for, viewing platform but still no substantial improvements... This is the normal TV survival, but also the media competition helpless.

Chinese at present a major social trend Potential, fast food, fast money, everyone is eager for quick success and instant benefits of commercial efficiency stress, irritable, do not want to spend time to research and development, innovation and trial and error. We are accustomed to use the existing mode directly apply, save time and the cost of trial and error, and that this is a shortcut to success. So we saw the last two years, the introduction of domestic TV crazy foreign copyright rights, and even appeared in foreign mode almost Chinese people buy light dilemma.


" sound good "mode of copyright dispute triggered China television


" at the beginning of this year, "The Voice of China" mode of copyright the dispute incident caused concern in the industry. Mode of the program introduced from the Netherlands TALPA company, copyright fees from quarterly 200 million yuan, grow to nearly 1 million yuan price, Zhejiang satellite TV and Chan star that the price has far exceeded capacity of international practice and Chinese TV organizations, consider abandoning introduced the model, trying to develop the original draft program. Style= line-height: "25.6px >  normal white-space:;"


according to industry sources, at present foreign programs copyright input Chinese costs soared, the present speed surge in the trend.


at present, Europe's top big season broadcast program copyright input costs in China has reached more than 1000 million yuan for a season, before a news about "South Korean MBC" infinite challenge "input Chinese copyright breakthrough RMB 50 million a season in the industry is widely concerned, which does not include advertising revenue revenue sharing.


imagine what that TV since it has been in the copyright introduction of investment so big, apart from signing star, shooting and so on several parts of the fixed expenses expenses outside, and in the end there how much does it cost, how many resources can input to the program production, program quality?


why lack of original mechanism?


in fact, local TV also have try original, but completely original, ratings, reputation and influence to do level line, objectively say no. Where is the reason? Here, both the social and cultural factors, but also the economic environment factors.


from the angle of social culture, in fact, innovation or creation is not a "real" process. In order to think of a good idea to conceive a good idea may be a dream for 8 months, and then one or two months to achieve, debug. Any new things, thinking or not seeing the output of the time has been a long time to show a long. And the Chinese people has always been is a pragmatist, or agricultural nation, so accustomed to a homebody, an instinctive resistance to is not practical. We are accustomed to using the autumn harvest to prove a year of hard work, get used to the results to prove their value, but also expect their pay to be able to return in time. And innovation is a great failure may, in a long time didn't see any improvement, very easy to give a person a kind of worthless feeling, and even their own will feel not dependable.


from the point of view of economic environment, in the rapid economic development, individual market competition is unusually fierce, this in China's TV media industry embodied particularly evident. Now first-line platform, possibly for Hunan, Zhejiang, Jiangsu Satellite TV, such a line of TV, very high cost of trial and error, time resource is lack of is also very valuable. In this case, there is no courage to attempt a completely original program on television the decision-making layer is very large test and trial and error cost is very high. And two or three line TV are not willing to do the original. For them, a good shot is needed to kill them. So they feel that it is necessary to find a successful project, so innovative in the current atmosphere of the entire domestic television industry, it is difficult to do.


mode is not the program killer, the output values is the core of

in the early days of the introduction of domestic copyright, standardization program manual, Clear copyright content, really let the domestic variety level up a lot, but now, with the increase of the introduction of copyright of the program, light model on the introduction of absolute to level program instantly improve. Moreover, many copyright the format itself copyright limit is not clear. For example, South Korea in 2015 will be output to the Chinese television variety show "infinite challenge", the model itself draws on Japan, Europe and the United States similar programs, in South Korea has also been criticized.


in addition, even if the program copyright is introduced, and want to win success, in addition to the original pattern. Most of the time eventually all is due to join the local elements of innovation. Such as "the voice of China" was the winner is broke the Chinese original draft entertainment mechanism, break the watch face type and idol tendency, and invested more resources to find Chinese true voice "-- this is perhaps the key factors of it captures the Chinese audience. Style= line-height: "25.6px white-space:; normal > "


type of distinction is variety show a kind of packaging, such as we put "non honest do not harass" called dating show, the non belong to you "called application programs," Daddy where "called a reality show, in fact, show to attract viewers not by reason unexpected surprise, and visual pleasure and some value view of conveying. Any content is reasonable, unexpected, the user never know what he did not know, you only do it, he would like to see.


>!" epilogue: the introduction of a large number of program model is not only evil, royalties and the higher, more important is the introduction of the program mode Exotic, foreign genes, and our values have obvious conflict. The long-term development of China's TV industry still need to combine their own cultural heritage, research and development with distinct Chinese characteristics, Chinese style and Chinese style of the original programming model; the original is the content industry in China in the future.

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