Refresh the global record again! Payment peak 256 thousand pens per second!

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guanchazhewang· 2017-11-11 08:59:16

2017 November 11th morning, Tmall double 11 global Carnival just opened 5 minutes and 22 seconds, the new payment peak was born: 256 thousand pen / second, an increase of over 1.1 times last year, once again refresh the global record. At the same time, there are database processing peak, 42 million times / sec. In addition to

, seventh minutes and 23 seconds, payment number 100 million breakthrough of Alipay, which is equivalent to 5 years ago (2012) to pay a total number of 11 double pens all day long. From the users feedback, this year 11 10 minutes before the payment smoothly, no network congestion and jam phenomenon.

"double 11" turnover in 3 minutes and 01 seconds, exceeded 10 billion yuan this year is the first time Alipay released

database to handle peak. 42 million times per second mean, in the payment of the second peak produced in the database OceanBase ant gold suit developed smoothly handled 42 million times the number of requests, this also means that Chinese self-developed database has jumped to the first echelon of global database.

tongsudeshuo, OceanBase is a massive database, users in the use of Alipay all the data, and the data processing are stored in OceanBase, so it is also known as "super accountant". If it is said that this year Tmall double 11 new retail business competition is the annual "Olympic Games", so for Alipay, this is the parade field test Ocean Base processing ability "".

ant gold service Hu Xi chief technology architect, vice president of introduction, Alipay has announced this year for the first time in the database to handle peak ", because this year 11, Alipay for the first time all the core data chain including accounting, library, all moved to the ant gold service independent research and development of database on OceanBase.

"for the user, a payment is a payment, for the database, a payment is a collection of several processing requests. Hu Xi introduced that when the user pays, the money may be transferred from the debit card, loaned out from the flowers, and 10 pieces of money out of coupons, installment payments...... These are independent processing requests, which need to be processed by the database. At the peak of payment, it is a great test for OceanBase to support the massive amount of processing concurrency, and the peak value of the 42 million / sec indicates that the super accountant has withstood the test.

is understood that this year, double 11, OceanBase also has a technical breakthrough, is to achieve the "off the line hybrid deployment."". It's the core advantage is that can double 11 payment peak before the secondment of "offline room" of idle computing resources, and at the peak and then "back". With this technology innovation, this year's double 11 payment guarantee saves more than 2000 servers.

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