Remote unmanned Island recruit administrators: annual salary of 120 thousand to provide accommodation for husband and wife

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guowainaxieshier· 2017-11-11 09:00:39

if you're tired of working in a company, this isolated job might be right for you. According to the British Daily Telegraph reported on November 10th, Britain's most remote unmanned island is now recruiting Rangers, there are more than 200 thousand seabirds, as well as the public toilet of Britain's most remote, most expensive.

" Scotland wild animal foundation is looking for a person, in the remote island of Handa, annual pay 14500 pounds. (about RMB 120 thousand yuan) applicants who have successfully recruited

will live alone on uninhabited islands from September to March. When the weather is good, every summer there are about more than 7000 tourists to the island, wild animal trust established a comfortable rest station on the island.

the organization also consists of 4 long-term volunteers and 45 short-term volunteers, they come once a week, to help maintain the island, count and wild birds.

" on the island's busiest days, as many as 150 visitors and volunteers, they will take care to bird watching people on the island, one of Europe's largest group of birds on the island, red grouse, guillemots, Arctic terns, Arctic Sikewa the ducks and gulls.

"." you need to have good physical quality, and desire to work in faraway places. You will be responsible for organizing your work plan for yourself and a team of volunteers, and constantly adjusting your plans according to changing circumstances. "The person in charge said.

applicants only a week to go to the nearest village to wash clothes, shopping. So you need a driver's license and a vehicle.

also offers free accommodation for couples or couples. Maybe the candidate will enjoy this solitude, in the fresh air, with only the wildfowl.

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