Russian SVD sniper gun latest renovation has been reborn

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houzhijian· 2017-11-11 11:06:30

SVCH.338 caliber version

Kalashnikov group recently launched a new SVD rifle type family SVCH. The gun has 7.62x54R, 7.62NATO,.338LM three caliber, declared accuracy is better than 1MOA, which is beyond the standard requirements of modern professional sniper rifle.

Russian official boasted its many advantages from technology rules design of gun, and the Soviet basic skills in design and manufacture of firearms; SVCH practical performance of reborn SVD rifles, in modern warfare have very strong lasting vitality, it is completely feasible.


SVD Dragunov rifle rifle is based on the design of AK47, the long stroke adjustable gas piston structure, instead of short stroke piston structure adjustable; and a large number of various aspects of the details of the optimization measures, greatly improved the shooting accuracy. But also inherited many problems of the AK47 family, limiting the performance and long-term development potential of the SVD rifle.

SVD rifle problems are mainly from the following three aspects: one is the

retains the design dustproof casing / AK cover, the top gun is not a reliable installation position of sight and other accessories. The side mounted structure, greatly limits the scope of the optional flexibility and maintenance must be removed and gun sight. This makes the

SVD rifle in the long-term practice, it is difficult to maintain high accuracy; because the sight is not often for good correction of the state, the problem of war during the Vietnam War M21 ART series rifle sight is very serious.

" new gun used on the casing structure, upper casing steel

the SVD rifle is not very great importance to human engineering, such as the lack of SVD thumb operation insurance function. This is the relationship between the Soviet Union and the atmosphere, basic design AK47 limitation of relationship, and also the designer itself background bias in the movement rather than a military shooting shooting.

the third is that SVD is limited to the design age, and many designs do not attach importance to and violate the design principles of high precision rifles. For example, SVD for the bomb did not realize the lossless design in advance from the magazine into the chamber, the warhead will bump in loaded process, causing slight damage and deformation of warhead shell.

but from the fundamental point of view, the internal core of the SVD rifle is the bolt and the gas piston and its control system, and its trigger assembly (emission / insurance agency); in the basic design direction, have enough potential to optimize high shooting precision.

" pull handle to the left

speed machine operation, the left and right sides of the thumb can operate

new SVCH, is based on retaining the core design of internal SVD. Change the product structure and layout, greatly optimize ergonomics and shooting precision. The guns come out soon, can not say these designs have been tested; but at least from the firearms technology law perspective, it can be found, no factors will lead to failure. The biggest change of

SVCH comes from the casing structure, and adopts the modular design of the upper and lower casing. In the optimization of man-machine engineering, the SVCH AK type speed machine handle traditional (and shield) to the right hand thumb operation design; pull handle is from the right side to the left side, the shooter to firearms loaded, no longer need to leave the right hand grip; butt also have adjusted quickly with perfect function, good adaptation to various figure and the shooter shooting position.


88" is the SVD rifle copycat lift small caliber version of

Chinese in 1979, Vietnam was seized by the spoils of Surveying and mapping imitation of SVD, but not always understand the SVD rifle. Later the 79/85 sniper rifle, the performance index and the Russian original product far; and type 88 rifle rifle SVD core based on the deformation of the structure, not only solve the design flaws in SVD's own actual precision rifle, (use of imported good sight) and a range of other aspects performance, rather than the type 85 appeared significant backward.

after the death of Kalashnikov, in recent years, Russia's modern rifle model appeared blowout outbreak. Have to say, in the design and manufacture of basic firearms, Russia is still far stronger than Chinese; but their ideas and understanding in previous decades was firmly in the shackles of dead, now the Russian firearms is ushering in a comprehensive liberation and the rapid development of the new era.

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