Korea joined the United States: the United States 3 aircraft carriers will enter the eastern waters of the Korean Peninsula to participate in joint performances

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tengxunjunshi· 2017-11-11 11:06:48

data figure: three aircraft carrier battle group

[global network reporter Li Tingting reported] according to Yonhap News reported on November 10th, South Korean joint chiefs of staff, said on the 10, South Korea and the United States Navy from 11-14 on the eastern coast of the Korean Peninsula was a carrier battle group joint exercise. To this end, three American nuclear powered aircraft carriers will enter South Korea US joint war zone (KTO) from 11.

reported that three nuclear powered aircraft carriers were "Ronald o Reagan" (CVN76), "Theodore o Roosevelt" (CVN 71) and "Nimitz" (CVN68). The United States Navy will send 3 aircraft carriers, 11 aegis destroyers participated in the exercise, the South Korean Navy dispatched 2 aegis destroyers, 1 destroyers, 4 frigates and a total of 7 ships participating in the exercise.

South Korea joined the Ministry said that the two navies will be escorted by aircraft carriers, aviation operations, aviation shooting, enhance joint combat execution capabilities. This is 2007 in Guam offshore exercises since the United States, after 10 years, sent 3 aircraft carriers to participate in the exercise. According to reports, this year 5 month to 6 earlier this month, the United States to the Korean Peninsula offshore sent a "Ron o Regan" and "O Carl Vinson nuclear powered aircraft carrier to participate in exercises.

South Korea United States said that the exercise aims to enhance the ability to extend deterrence, and show in the emergency situation in time to resist the strong will and a high degree of military alert situation.

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