His uncle gave him a painting worth 160 million dollars. He only sold 2000

A woman in Africa the United States dollar ochre

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when a lifetime sea-robbers, live is so clear ---

blockbuster theft

, first known today "hapless":Ron Roseman.

just woke up from a dream, Ron received a phone call from FBI, to cooperate with the investigation together with the theft of cultural relics, Ron was ignorant that, he always honest, how will be linked with a theft of cultural relics?

" in the Ron rather baffling thought when received a telephone fraud, the.

FBI (FBI) continued to ask him: "you recently is a pile of debris is not 2000 us out of the home? "

Ron answer:" yes, is it a crime? The "

FBI:" which has a value of 1.6 billion dollars by . "

dizzy, FBI said the word Ron three to subvert the words:" we suspect that your uncle and aunt is 30 years ago sea-robbers . "

Ron's aunt and uncle

Ron this is completely ignorant force, he quickly recalled the whole thing in my mind. Uncle

and aunt Rita Jerome, when a lifetime teacher, no other hobbies, love travel, the rest of life, loving aunts and uncles together through more than 140 countries.

at the end of his life, he asked the uncle in front of the bed: "I have what good for you, the house and the inside of the object to you. "

Ron uncle travel photos

around more than 140 countries, with just a little souvenir, can make the room is full. So aunt and uncle passed away after a few Ron, Tianxin blood began to clean up the house.

a few pieces of African crafts, occupies the place of the old furniture, there are a few cannot read the painting was broken, he packaged and sold an antique shop.

" Chuaizhe 2000 dollars, Ron came home excitedly.

bought the stuff of antique shop owner Buck and David did not think, sorting out the picture on the wall.

a few days, this pile of "junk" have no one to answer, until a call for James customers into the store, he looked at four store items, not what interest, but suddenly eyes shining in a broken picture at ---

" and then the amazing scene appeared, James was in front of the picture straight down, scared two shopkeepers rushed up to help.

James trembling said: This is not just -

had finished speaking, he was suddenly silent, : "I think 200 thousand dollars to buy the painting. "

quoted one, but his two shopkeepers, they intended to sell a few hundred dollars, there was such a high price, but he just about to speak, but saying nothing.

is not what trick? Two they exchanged a look, carefully rejected him.

James out of the shop, two people hurriedly closed shop, check the picture information to. The results of

, a news story in 2015, to let the brothers plop down.

mentioned in this news report: 1985 Arizona University Art Museum stolen, a known as the "crown jewel", "a woman named missing abstract works of ochre", worth $160 million, today for 30 years.

two people look at a computer screen at a loss about what to do, and look at the side of the painting, which is not the same thing as the picture 10 fen!

"woman" is ochre abstract expression of master William de Kooning's painting "

day, 160 million dollars, this is not a dream? "Two people both shocked and joy, but still keep awake after the dealer's conscience, called the museum and the law enforcement departments telephone.

Ron" aunt travel according to

phone is the director of University of Arizona's Museum of art, she could not believe my ears.

"for so many years, I dream of this piece of zhenguanzhibao can also come back, not to think about it again. "

and two antique dealers also specifically highlighted a detail," has several stripes painted, like being folded like. "

with this one detail, to determine the basic curator: they are not joking, this picture is likely to be genuine.

the clock back 32 years, back to the theft spot, 1985 shop is not an camera, but according to several of the scene.

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