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Chengdu daily news, introduced five people free plastic surgery, but unexpectedly owed nearly thirty thousand yuan net loan, this newspaper "pyramid type plastic" put you into the "beauty loan" trap article reported, caused widespread social concern. In November 10th, the Chengdu Business Daily reporter was informed that the high tech Zone police and high-tech district social undertakings Bureau has been involved in the investigation. Chengdu East beauty medical cosmetic surgery outpatient service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Chengdu East beauty) responded to the matter, has now reached a negotiated settlement with the parties to cancel the stage loan, the face of the parties to dissolve the plastic treatment and bear the relevant costs.

" in the text, today, more than once in Chengdu Dong Mei Plastic established consumer rights group, as of November 10th 6 in the afternoon, the group has reached 47 people.


11 10 departments involved in the investigation, the Chengdu police attention to the matter and involved in the investigation, 11, high tech Zone Yizhou police station police conducted a preliminary investigation on Chengdu Dong mei.

"now the police have been involved in the investigation, on the east of Chengdu is in the United States belongs to the normal promotion or pyramid schemes to investigate screening. "The new Yizhou police station police Zhao Jingguan said.

12:30, the High-tech District Social Work Bureau health planning office staff also arrived in Chengdu East beauty, the hospital medical behavior investigation, to investigate whether the hospital has plastic qualifications and related doctors have medical qualification.

"now understand the situation is that the hospital has the relevant qualifications, on-site inspection of the hospital has 5 qualified doctors, but specific to the doctor's situation, but also need to be further understood. The results of the survey will be announced next Monday.

11 10 April afternoon, high-tech industrial and commercial departments are also concerned about the matter, and collected the corresponding evidence, as the basis for investigation.

47 parties stand out rights

newspaper reports issued, caused widespread concern in the community, many sites were reproduced, many in the eastern United States and small plastic as encountered the same people together to form a group of activist to the Chengdu daily, broke the news, as of 6 pm, the rights of personnel within the group has reached 47 people.

said, "when you go, tell us that you can have a free facelift if you recommend five people. You don't tell me what I need to recommend and the amount of people I want to recommend.". Dai told the Chengdu Daily reporter, she is 19 years old this year, is a sophomore students of a university in Mianyang, because Chengdu Dongmei staff is her classmate, the other to micro letter to recommend her free cosmetic items. "I just wanted to make a double fold, and I went out to consult with my friends.

consultant asked Xiao Dai to bring his ID card with his bank card, but he didn't say what to do with it. In the interview process, consultant has always stressed that as long as 5 people can help recommend free cosmetic, sign the agreement until it found a loan installment. "This agreement is just to restrain us from recommending people, and they will give us the three months before the loan, until we finish the recommendation. Xiao Dai said.

" according to the Dai provided on July 12th with a WeChat called "Doctor Zhang" chat records show, Dr. Zhang, promotion is free (plastic), but later to do a promotion, and to remind with identity card and a bank card, "the formalities to use these files". When the small Dai asked whether to pay and with bank cards for what to do, Zhang answered, "do not pay, if you fear that the funds are unsafe, you can bring a not commonly used or no money can be, activities will be verified.". "

small Dai said, finished the project carefully want to find out this is wrong," now looks like this thing suspected pyramid selling, certainly can't pit my friend, won't recommend anyone".

reporter learned from this activist group, the 47 per capita for college students or just graduated college students, consumption ability is weak, they are all "free plastic surgery" attracted to shop consulting, until signing to know the need for loans. The group members provide the East beauty and customer "customer is willing to participate in the promotion back to the current cooperation agreement", the agreement "are" promotion back now, the task consists of the marketing staff to assist member customers turnover of 5 who is successful, the success that the return of all instalments, overfulfiled will have a cash reward. The first consumption payment method is "cash" or "installment"".

Chengdu Business Daily reporter found that the whole agreement did not appear "loan" two words, only the monthly supply and staging of two words.

"consultants don't talk about loans when they communicate with us. They say staging. Once they say, they say," beauty salons will help us. If we worry about recommending people, consultants say they will help. ". Another complaint officer Huang Xiaoying (a pseudonym) said that if the consultant said clear loan back now for free, "no one will go".

company to suspend business for rectification,

has negotiated cancellation of net loan for the parties,

East American institutional investors Ms. Wang to Ben

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