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warning: This article contains a large number of "Assassin's Creed:" on the origin of the spoilers, please choose carefully reading.

if you want the "Assassin's Creed: the origin of" (hereinafter referred to as "ACO") in the series has been seen from the original story, about the Knights Templar assassin brotherhood and the eternal war, then you may be disappointed. Because in ACO, the brotherhood and the knights were not established.

in ACO, not too many righteous". The protagonist Bajak and his companions and rebel groups "the dimension order" (Order of the Ancients) between the long duel, cause only Bajak was involved in the conspiracy e-cube caused him die, everything is in order to report the enemy killed. In the process of crossing the desert to hunt down the enemy, he found that the order of chaos had brought endless chaos to the whole Egypt and even the world in the name of peace. Finally, he and his comrades set up the invisible Hidden of the Ones (Brotherhood), who chose to assassinate the violence to confront the domination of the order, and to bring more freedom and peace to more innocents.

until one thousand years later, during the Crusades, the invisible and the order were finally on the stage of the assassin brotherhood and the Knights templar.

this article will summarize some of the world's information revealed in the game, which will have a significant relationship with the future of the assassin universe in the next few years.

Hassan Leilah

as the "Assassin's Creed" series of new modern article protagonist, Leila Hassan's identity of the importance of self-evident.

Assassin's Creed series of new modern article protagonist Leila Hassan

Layla is an American Egyptian immigrant descendants, parents are still alive, and a pair of brother and sister. Layla grew up in the field of science and technology showed a remarkable talent, and fond of adventure. During her stay at Berkeley University,

learned from Abu Staiger's Animus project by Sophia Rabkin. In 2006, Sophia introduced, despite parental opposition from Layla, Berkeley and Abu Staiger joined the dropout. Despite the amazing talent and enthusiasm of ray tower, the unruly character made her repeatedly violate Abu Staiger's rules and regulations. The service even in the company for 11 years, Layla is still only three employees, and even never been informed of the relationship between Abu Staiger and the Knights Templar.

2013, Layla to Egypt for a "tour", but some things are not good. This may have caused her a serious blow - two aspects of personal and career.

2014 in January, belongs to the history research department of Abu Staiger as a technician and medical officer Layla di Anna Gary formed a tactical team history. The two opposite personalities unexpectedly become good friends.

2014 February, Sophia consulting design ideas about the new Animus to layla. In the following two years, Layla has used the spare time to give Sophia the creative team in Madrid, she is hoping to borrow from this opportunity to officially become a member of the Animus project.

but in August 2016, Sophia officially rejected layla. Layla could not abide by the agreement because between two people, has been repeatedly warned, this let Sophia is worried about the stability of team. It made the two closest people into the cold war. But in Sophia's father Alan Rabkin accidental death, Sophia sent a message to Layla and asked about the situation, but did not get a reply.

2017 in October, Layla and Deanna received assignment history research department director Simon Hathaway, went to Egypt's depression recovery is an important historical object.

10 26, Layla in the target site the rest of the cavern discovered a two thousand year old mummy. The details will not inform the higher case, Layla unauthorized use of self modified portable Animus analysis of the mummy's DNA, and the simulation of the genetic memory found this mummy is assassin brotherhood co-founder Bajak. Later, she discovered the mummy of Bajak, the founder of Rome's former wives and brothers. According to the people's memory, Layla witnessed the brotherhood founded. Layla and Deanna

due to a long time to report the progress of work, Abu Staiger sent a team to solve the problem of sigma. Layla in voice communication found that Deanna is likely to have been eliminated by the reaction of bleeding has mastered the skills of the assassination she immediately back to kill the execution of tasks all combatant Sigma team. In order to let two people don't study in vain, Layla again in the Animus survey of the historical truth.

when she identified the origin of the brotherhood and left Animus, the assassin mentor William Myers appeared in front of her. William said the brothers will focus on Layla for a long time, hope and Layla together. After some thinking, Layla decided to rely on the brotherhood forces Abu Staiger to revenge, but have no intention of joining the brotherhood. The helicopter will come to help two people evacuated..

portable Animus

in a "secret history" the assassin is a brief sorting out the evolutionary history of Animus in an hour (here review). With the launch of ACO, new

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