Trump pronunciation and signs! Chengdu road and confused passers-by

Sichuan Chengdu zoo city management

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is fearless, afraid of Sichuan people speak mandarin. Sichuan people speak Mandarin, just mouthful of salt and pepper flavor.

for the majority of drivers, although mobile intelligent navigation is convenient for travel, but the indicative role of road signs is still crucial. If the sign is pronounced "Trump", Sichuan people can understand, but the foreign friends? In the past few days, a street sign in Chenghua District Qinglong Street attracted people's attention: "the road to the road" was marked as "ZHIHUO RD.", so the translation is right? Many local residents are also confused.

children: adults see light suddenly is not difficult at all.

11 month 11 days, sunny, "blue Chengdu" back online. Outside the gate of the Chengdu zoo, a couple of parents, with their parents, came to the park with their children. Across the street from where the zoo called "induced and road" signs two very characteristic of Sichuan pronunciation, hung on the street street and the street, called: "father ZHIHUO RD.

with a 3 year old daughter giraffe repeatedly drove past and he stood in the road, road signs the puzzled, he used a standard Sichuan dialect accent in Chengdu read:" Zhi Huo lu. As soon as he finished reading, he immediately responded, and suddenly realized, "Oh, no, you should read Zhi he Lu.". "And his 3 year old daughter is constantly reminding dad to read the correct pronunciation in an immature and standard mandarin. Zhang Baba said, "we usually only read Chinese, so we didn't pay attention to the translation below.". "

pushes a baby cart through a street and a young mother and father in the street, also in the reporter's response to come over. "Zhi Huo Lu" is correct, but the street signs should be in mandarin. "The young father said," they lived in the neighborhood for almost two years, and never found the wrong details. Young mother told reporters: "the street office is near, you can help you to reflect.". "

at the gate of the zoo, the reporter interviewed more than 10 children at the age of 3-6, they stood before the cameras, all with standard Mandarin reading" Zhi he lu". The reporter also asked the parents of the children, of which 3 parents in the reporter's reminder, still with a salt and pepper flavor of Mandarin read "Zhi Huo Lu"". "You can't read it. It's not difficult at all."! We speak Mandarin in kindergarten. "A 6 year old girl said, and then she made a face to the cameraman's lens.

local street office:

will contact the municipal and urban management departments to change

"such translation should be wrong. "In the afternoon, the reporter went to the Chenghua District Qinglong Street office staff told reporters that they will contact the relevant departments to make corrections as soon as possible:" usually on the highway the blue signs is composed of transportation, municipal departments of management, we will in the next day they reflect the situation as soon as possible. And some small signs are managed by the urban management department, and if found similar circumstances, we will contact the urban management department for investigation and change. "

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