Ma Yun did not speak, Zhang Yong summed up 168 billion 200 million double 11 record

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leifengwang· 2017-11-12 06:18:23

11 month 12, 0 points 00 points, screen figures and the focus of the whole scene, are fixed at 168 billion 200 million yuan.

cheers, the board of directors of the Alibaba Chairman Ma squinting in the laughing audience applauded, Alibaba CEO happy son Zhang Yong took the stage to conclude the speech.

last year and the year before, and even before, much less Ma regardless of words, will stage a simple words, but this year, he will give Zhang Yong the stage. The same day, the only time the sound on the scene of Ma, is at the end of the meeting, he and Faye Wong played the chorus of the song - "Feng Qingyang".

Taiwan, Zhang Yongxian is used to summarize the results of a number of total turnover of 1682 billion yuan, of which wireless transactions accounted for more than 90%; payment number reached 14.8 billion, an increase of 41%; the payment peak reached 25.6 million pen / sec, is 2.1 times that of last year, the new brush again last year a peak under the record; logistics orders have reached 8.12 billion; participate in double 11 global Internet coverage of the 225 countries and regions. "It's a thrilling moment," he said.

for the most intuitive amount of transactions results, Zhang Yong said, from which you can see the huge consumer demand for consumer upgrades. "today is a big power Chinese and global business tour, I called the commercial Olympic ," Zhang Yong said. As of

this year, according to the Lei Feng network to understand, Ali Tmall double eleven has been held nine times, for the future of the double 11 how to engage, the future direction of the new retail and what is the specific problem, Zhang Yong said, in 2017 this year to the new retail Ali, using double 11 this opportunity to show this year online the line of success, let more consumers and partners involved.

at the same time, continuous technological innovation, the controllable cost and efficiency of the optimal conditions, to achieve the support of peak, and as far as possible to be more personalized, big data, thousands of thousands of people face into the double 11, which is more rich and colorful, the user experience is more diversified.

therefore, Zhang Yong concluded that the future of "double 11" style will change, but the premise is that technology continues to innovate.

scene, Zhang Yong also talked about the new retail, consumption upgrade, resonance at home and abroad and other topics, Lei Feng will not change the original shorthand like cut:

happy son (Zhang Yong)

: Hello, we just witnessed the double 11 and a new record, I think this is not only a China the height, but also the world's height.

summed up the hot double 11 situation. This year, double 11 has experienced several thrilling moments in the past 24 hours. The opening of

peak, the whole Ali technical team, in 11 of such a reality, through continuous technological innovation, the establishment of a new height, which makes the whole opening trading peak, still can guarantee the robust trading system, the user experience is silky.

second, we created a new trading record - trading peaked at 256 thousand pens per second, I believe it is not only a record of China, but also a new record in the world.

in the past 24 hours, we've had a very good moment, and in the last hour, the enthusiasm of the consumer has not diminished, of course, this weekend is related, today is the first time in the past few years in the weekend, especially on Saturday double 11.

in the wireless age today, we fully understand the changes in consumer life, and even before the end of a very good peak, so that our final figures remain at 168 billion 200 million such a new record.

in addition, November 11th 24:002017 Tmall double 11 global Carnival all day logistics orders 812 million.

we can see that the whole consumer value is constantly rising, the user for quality consumption, quality consumption, for the consumption upgrade has a huge demand, this is what we can see very clearly in today's situation.

at the same time, I think today is not only the consumer Festival, is all business, a large force of Chinese and global business tour, I called it the Olympic business.

in this day, many businessmen friends also created a new record, as of 11:30 PM, there are more than 150 businesses sold billions of dollars, this year, there are 167 businesses sold billions of dollars.

which has 17 sales in five hundred million, with 6 home sales in 1 billion, in the middle of the day, to reach such a height, is a great achievement, but also reflects our friends in these businesses, the entire enterprise from access to the Internet to finally embrace the Internet, to the fusion today and the Internet so comprehensive to a new historical stage.

I think double 11 is also the best reward for these successful businesses that embrace the Internet and integrate the internet. In

we see behind various beautiful figures, this year's double 11 is our entire reflects the trend of consumption upgrade, but also reflects a large collaboration across the whole society, we call it the resonance whole society business, the resonance from online and offline, from domestic and overseas.

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