Just another bachelor's day and dog abuse! 31 pairs of new people wear Hanfu marriage

Changsha Changsha Hunan

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" after singles, a collective wedding costume through to abuse a dog again today. At 1 noon on November 12th, the second Hunan Public Han style collective wedding ceremony was held in Huang Xing square, Changsha. 31 pairs of Han people wore Han costume and followed the ceremony of wedding ceremony. The Chinese people dressed in new clothes, with a sacred marriage ceremony in respect of the heart, Guan lead, Jiao son, bowed, and pray to the same prison, wo, hekan, tassel, first, handle … …

represents an action, a responsibility, a ceremony to represent a commitment to the set of etiquette each completed enough of the The imprint is engraved on my heart. qiannianzhilian. In addition, the new atmosphere layout wedding dress, the ancient law were in line with the wedding ceremony with the link, Jian, copper pots, plates, cups and other Chinese gourd props also specialize in custom, according to Chinese traditional, "Zhou Lihan marriage" essence condensed, solemn, and vulgar, and not like China downtown.

" it is worth mentioning that the special invited the ancient Shang Dynasty Orchestra Chinese large cymbals for the wedding will be playing, 2000 years before the Shang Dynasty ancient restoration show large cymbals in front of the people. Shang NAO is an important instrument, mainly used for military, sacrifice and treat. The ceremony music of Gufengguyun, give a person of great momentum, through the sense of.

" as involved in the wedding couple, 90 young couple Zhu Yihe Lou Yaxin said: "we do not love to lavish a ceremony, such as Zhuang Zhongjian Park, is quite distinctive, and meaningful, we are very satisfied", "grand not noisy, solemn and dignified, not extravagant, healthy and civilized frugal wedding, we want to set CALL for such a wedding".

" the big wedding added a unique meaning of the "sub religious ceremony", with the start ceremony ritual ceremony announced the sub, the parents of the groom is sitting lapel, groom kowtow to their parents, the father of the groom to give wine. Convey instructions and expectations, the groom accepted give wine and drink the cup cup, the family from generation to generation.

" this event Changsha by the Municipal People's government, the publicity department, Changsha municipal Party Committee United Front Work Department of the CPC Municipal Committee Changsha, Changsha civilization office, Changsha City Federation of trade unions and other common support, Commercial Street Management Committee Office, Huang Xing road pedestrian Changsha Changsha Culture Communication Co., Ltd. jointly organized sainty. In order to create a civilized family, a good family tradition spread good family "as the theme of the wedding also attract foreign friends to come to the ceremony, they are the traditional Chinese marriage etiquette expressed admiration and love and become the next registration in the new.

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