Mexico beauty pageant and rich night accident both died

Mexico USA Santiago

renminwang· 2017-11-12 16:01:21

news pictures according to the American press network reported New York, California deadly traffic accident, a Mexico beauty pageant, night ride a rich car night when the car suspected speeding accident, she and regal both died. According to

reports, the 26 year old Kama Rainer (Stephanie Rivera Camarena) is the 2015 annual Mexico California Miss Earth title; 33 year old billionaire Lamartine (Michael Llamas) in the United States of California, his earlier involvement in involving an amount of more than $10 million Ponzi scheme was charged, sentencing court scheduled in a few weeks.

Kama Rainer on Sunday by Lamartine Lamborghini sports car, night in Santiago, Lamartine at a speed of over 160 km of driving car on the same day at 2 pm rammed into a tree, the car immediately caught fire burning. Kama Rainer was thrown out of the car and died later on the day of the injury, and he was confirmed dead in the car.

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Mexico beauty pageant and rich night accident both died

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