4 thousand friends double 11 pretend to buy aircraft, only he really buy!

Taobao helicopter circle of friends Nanjing

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" Taobao store sales helicopter

data store

969192128920997.02 yuan in front of a computer screen! Huang is a site with the mouse to count the number, after a long string of numbers in the end how much is 969 trillion, which is from November 10th at 8 o'clock start, less than 24 hours to collect money in Taobao stores, calculate this number, Taobao even card under the shell. Huang Ping was laughing and joking, and the joke was going to get bigger.

is different from the ordinary Taobao store. Huang Ping's Taobao store sells airplanes, which can really fly people. He himself is the general manager of Jiangsu Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd., Taobao opened the original intention of the store is just a show, do not really expect Taobao to make money. Of course, the buyer does not buy the aircraft really buy, more than 4000 orders only for screenshots, send friends circle sun, a single smart. However, Huang Ping was relieved, more than 4000 single is really made a deal, about 15 million of the market for helicopter Huang Ping hit forty percent off, straight cut about 6000000 called "double 11 best discount". Yangzi Evening news media reporter Yang Yan

the Mongolian circle!

tens of millions of dollars of orders coming in

from the beginning of eight at 10 in the evening, my mobile phone began ringing orders like fried, quickly rushed in, each of a value of tens of millions! "Huang Ping told reporters that this is never a thing.

Huangping Taobao store hanging "baby" is a manned launch aircraft, genuine goods at a fair price to more than nine thousand balloon, the most expensive, but also cheap millions, so Taobao usually very quiet, shop for 8 years, but just a little blue drill. "Our company is for aircraft, helicopters, hot air balloons for sale and lease, Taobao stores are sold real and rental models, but never expect Taobao shop to make money. "

" double 11 "suddenly bursting orders, Huangping and Mongolia began to ring, but immediately understand what is going on. "You're kidding!" Huang Ping said. "There were some buyers who had been consulting or taking orders on their own, but they didn't really pay for it. Even my own friends circle saw people waiting for the sun, pretending to be" double 11 "and bought a plane.

"come, happy together"!

store changed inventory, want to be crowded "burst"

, Huang Ping said who did not know the head, but from the order point of view, "pretend to buy aircraft" should soon spread open, "buyers" to Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu three places the most. 10 late night, after twelve points, orders more and more, and soon finished the Taobao store inventory. Huang Ping also don't care, simply increase the inventory, so that everyone can take, anyway, even if the buyer took not to pay for the Taobao store did not affect what come together happy! "But the growth rate of

orders, let Huang Ping a bit scared. On weekdays, no one shops, "double 11" day morning traffic volume is 150 thousand, customers submit orders nearly 150 pages. 11 noon, 12:30, Taobao shop orders 2782 pens, display the amount of 169 trillion, half past five in the afternoon, orders 4093 pens, the amount of transactions was brush to 969 trillion - of course, are receivables, growth is still accelerating.

more frightening is, "pretend to buy aircraft" buyers have not forgotten consultation, Huang Ping store want also burst off, a long string of blue flashing head.

"in the beginning I was telling them you don't ask for it, direct circle of friends!" Huang Ping said, "then I reply here, had to set up automatic reply," double 11 "big promotion period, the shopkeeper was crazy! We all sell aircraft are real, welcome to submit orders forwarded circle of friends!" some people really want to buy


buyers from Nanjing, to pay 9999 yuan deposit of

Huang Ping's "double 11", is not nothing, more than 4000 orders, really have a pen is to pay a deposit, buy is secondhand helicopter.

from Huangping to press the screenshot you can see, 9999 yuan deposit is really into the pocket.

reporter contacted the buyer later, the buyer surnamed Lu, from Nanjing. Mr. Lu told reporters in the telephone that the plane was ordered by the company. Because the company is doing large-scale events planning, previously rented helicopters, a lot of times.

Mr. Lu told reporters, generally speaking, to rent a helicopter will be about 200 thousand, and now if you buy one, the use of only one time to bear the cost of the pilot and oil costs, the cost dropped to very low. The usual idle time can be rented out, added, so after the company accounts, before deciding to buy $.

Mr. Lu bought helicopters, although second-hand, but the market price is about 15 million. Mr. Lu told reporters that he and Huang Ping have initially agreed that after the purchase of the aircraft hosting also to Huang Ping where the Italian Airlines to carry out. Because of this layer of relationship, the seller gave a great discount, about 15000000 of the original price hit almost forty percent off, straight down about 6000000 without coupons, can be called "double 11" the most cattle discount".

Taobao can really buy aircraft

through Taobao to buy

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