The man stole 370 thousand friends and squandered a thin face needle

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friends stole 370 thousand yuan in cash, Tang bought gold necklaces, watches, with iPhone8 mobile phone, call friends went to the bar to splurge 7600 yuan, and the next day a shot with Shuiguang needle thin face needle.

recently, the Shanghai police arrested a few days of luxury living man, he said he is "want extravagant life", at present, Tangmou arrested for theft under criminal detention by the police.

detention center, Tang confessed to their theft.

37 million in cash in September 25th this year, 14 am

take wings to itself, Cai stored in Huinan town inside a hotel room 370 thousand cash take wings to itself.

day, runs his own company, CAI and two employees temporarily rented in this hotel in town. Last night, he took 370 thousand yuan of cash from the bank and deposited it in the residence of two employees, ready to pay for other people's projects. "We drank some wine, second days after the morning sober, Tang and I played some games, before leaving the hotel. At that time, there were still sleeping drivers and Tang people staying in the hotel.

noon, when Cai again returned to the room to get cash, they found 370 thousand yuan missing and acquaintance take wings to itself, together with the friends of many years, the company's staff Tang Cai, immediately to the police in Pudong. After receiving the report,

tried to call Tang's mobile phone, but it was in shutdown state. The police immediately embarked on the image monitoring investigation work, confirm the suspect in the September 25th day to take a taxi to leave town, disappeared in Chuansha after getting off a street.

9 27, police Wang Yuliang rushed to get off the site to carry out the platoon touch work. "I see a mobile phone shop to get off next to the point, I think the suspect is likely to deceive the public and the replacement of mobile phone. "Police Wang Yuliang through the mobile phone shop monitoring probe, indeed found the figure of Tang:" he bought a new phone and new phone number in the mobile phone shop. "

in monitoring the investigation, the police did not find Tang carrying cash money, police Wang Yuliang immediately proposed suspects may deposit cash in the bank card bold speculation. The case group of police nonstop for big banks to carry out investigation and evidence collection, confirm the Tang after use the ID card to open an account in the Agricultural Bank, and deposit 250 thousand yuan.

Tang with stolen money to buy mobile phone, belts and other items.

played three smallpox about 100000

9 month 28 days, police check immediately after the account is frozen, there is no economic source Tang sold to buy their own mobile phone accessories, etc., in November 1st, was arrested in Pudong District Xuanqiao town a hotel style apartment.

37 million in cash, Tang only saved 250 thousand, in the detention center, Tang said stealing money after extravagant days: "play three days, spent about 100000. "

" is the next day I told him to find him blocking a sigh of relief, he didn't give me money, I still owe debts outside. "Tang took the hotel room 370 thousand in cash, to buy some gold necklace immediately, and bought myself a new iPhone8 mobile phone, and a $17 thousand worth of watches. In the evening, he called several friends to the bar and spent 7600 yuan a night.

the next day, Tang went to a chain of plastic body, playing a face lift needle and needle water, "a long time ago to play, has no chance. "Micro whole after Tang, went to the Golden State Center, with a handbag and a belt.

within three days, the light in the bar has spent more than 3 yuan, Tang did not put the stolen cash to fill the gambling hole, he said he did not think of the consequences: "I just thought the extravagant life. "

because of anger, take the boss 370 thousand yuan in cash, sitting in the detention center of Tang said:" now do not blame him, blame myself. I shouldn't have taken the money. "

at present, Tang was arrested on suspicion of theft criminal detention by the police. In November 9th, the Pudong branch of the police station held south hair stolen ceremony, will return 250 thousand yuan in cash to cai. For the ceremony, Huinan police sergeant Lv Mingzhong said: "the hotel should take good care of large amounts of cash, as far as possible in front or in room safe. "

source: Morning News

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The man stole 370 thousand friends and squandered a thin face needle