College students apply for etiquette to rent girlfriend 500 yuan package intimacy

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Zhang is a big one just to college freshmen, she hopes to be able to learn and find a part-time job, on the one hand, reduce the pressure of the home, also can accumulate some experience in the society. A few days ago, she saw a business etiquette information in QQ group. In view of the higher salaries, Zhang WeChat contacted the person in charge of claiming to be the sister wang.

" in WeChat, sister Wang first asked Zhang to provide personal photos and identity information, then she told Zhang, offers low pay and high pay two part-time, low is the general etiquette, do not look at the appearance, 100 dollars 8 hours, the other one is 500 dollars a day.

Zhang: "I said this is what kind of activities, she said that is similar to the" rental "that is the first girlfriend to accompany clients to chat, then there may be a weekend to accompany them to go out to play, eat, chat ah, there may be close action. "

small Zhang Yue chat, the more feel wrong, but also some fear, so with introverted personality, not good at communication grounds, rejected the other party. However, Wang sister seems to see Xiao Zhang's worry, still continue to persuade Xiao zhang.

class=", "content_img_p perview_img_p", "Xiao Zhang," she says what you're afraid of, and she says that a lot of female students follow me, and they're earning thousands of dollars a month. She said, "follow me all the way, and you'll find the money.". She's just consoling us. "

", although Xiao Zhang repeatedly refused, but the king sister or let a customer claiming to add a little signal of zhang. In the end, Xiao Zhang could not help but delete the king sister and the client's WeChat.

" to see the reporter through the recruitment information, the culture communication company, is located in Jiangbei District of Guanyin Bridge red Ding International Building 13 room 20, but when the reporter found the address to the international red when they found that there is no room 13, can not find the company. Subsequently, the reporter in the industry and Commerce Department of public information to see, the company registered address is Jiangbei District Yubei three village thirty, and this address corresponds, is the red tripod international. Subsequently, the reporter dialed the phone number in the recruitment information, but it is empty.

because of the address and phone can not find the other party's company, the reporter had to take the identity of college students, through the WeChat contacted the person in charge of Wang sister.

and Xiao Zhang, after providing photos and identity information, Wang sister began to introduce two kinds of price part-time work, Wang sister said, if you are willing to do rental girlfriend, then the cost standard is 600 yuan, work time is 4 hours.

, when asked to what extent affectionate, Wang sister did not have a positive answer. Subsequently, the other side also said that the company requires "rental girlfriend" must be single, the best love experience. When reporters expressed concern, Wang sister is so comforting: "pro, our customers are banks and financial circles, are executives.". Customers are status, status, pay attention to protect personal privacy. Believe in your sister, follow your sister, earn thousands of dollars every month, or even tens of thousands. After

agreed, Mr. Wang recommended a client and added a reporter's WeChat. In WeChat, the other party claims that he is a department manager of a bank, in addition to providing money, in the future can also provide professional help, that is, as long as willing to accept the requirements of the other side, then money and future can sit back and relax.

when asked what needs to be done together, the customer said, see 5 or 6 times a month, the other side will provide 3000 yuan pocket money. The client also told reporters that he was found through friends, find the company, and the reason for "rental girlfriend", because it can ease the work pressure, make yourself happy. In the process of

chat, Wang sister and customers are constantly from money, future, security and other aspects of persuasion, and said: "rental girlfriend" is a more normal, but also useful and harmless work. For such a part-time job, Zhang expressed his sense of shame and disgust.

Xiao Zhang: "I think after finding a part-time job, we should look for a job through a regular way. Don't just look at a message. I'm afraid there will be security problems later.".

"because during the interview, the reporter has not been able to contact the company, WeChat in the recruitment, whether it is the company's behavior, or are there other people engaged in such activities in the name, temporarily unable to identify. Student Zhang said that if necessary, she will be industrial and commercial, public security and other departments to reflect this situation.

(editing Liu Wei)

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