The first Sino European class opened between China and Northern Europe

Northern Europe Finland Russia Kazakhstan

zhongguoxinwenwang· 2017-11-12 16:01:44

11" on Sept. 10 in Finland and the Nordic countries China korvola, between the first trip to central trains opening ceremony. Class one carrying 41 containers of international railway train 10 from Finland railway hub station to Xi'an port city korvola end point. This is the first central European class between China and the Nordic countries.

" according to the introduction, the main loading elevator accessories such as electrical and mechanical equipment first trip trains, as well as food, pulp and other commodities, by way of Finnish and Russian, Kazakh, Chinese from Horgos port of entry, the whole 9000 kilometers, which lasted 16 to 18 days. Pictured in Finland a class Kouvola, carrying 41 containers of international railway train stop at the station waiting for departure freight.

international railway train with 41 containers parked in freight station waiting for departure.

carries 41 containers of international railway train leaving freight station. Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Jizhi photo source: Xinhua

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