Relatives always love to rub women's domineering documents, brush burst circle of friends

Wuhan friends circle accommodation Hubei

chutiandoushibao· 2017-11-12 16:01:46

had relatives coming from afar, which was a happy thing. But sometimes it will cause some small contradictions! Recently, a Wuhan forum, a post fire suddenly! Just a few days time, caused a lot of people's sympathy, reply to the number of nearly 500!

" let's take a look at the original post how to say: "the landlord

attachment you:

I Wuhan city is the only child, and her husband bought a suite. First payment 910 thousand, I and my parents invested 650 thousand, the husband and his parents out of 260 thousand. The rest of the husband loan, two people together also. I sold a set of idle blanks left by my parents, paid most of the first payment and finished the decoration. House area is large, compound 2 layers close to 200 flat, there are idle rooms.

because her husband is a town around Hubei, some cousins went to work in Guangzhou, and now my home has become a transit station in Wuhan. Those who want to have a rest a night in Wuhan relatives came to my house for under request. Her husband's uncle even said she would sleep on the couch. I'm really drunk.

first, do not love their own home is not a loved one to sleep a night hotel is just a few money, you come to me to bed quilt, sleep for one or two nights I have washed up. Moreover, there is not much contact. Especially uncles, aunts, and so on. The new year back home husband never said to take us to eat meals at home, like a red envelope to ya. Now, why do you come to our house to take advantage of this?

husband said, "what about your relatives?" I said, "my relatives are all in Wuhan. If you want someone else to stay, no one else is allowed to stay overnight.". Husband, in view of my attitude, said a long sentence, if the house is his own money, I did not give a penny, I will not let his relatives come to live.

Oh, I'm not welcome to my parents, but I must also have laws to provide free accommodation?

a ripple, really don't know! After reading the comments of netizens, Xiao Bian found that "home came, want to live in their own home, how to do?" "It's really a lot of people's personal experience!

firmly friends lively opposition:

wend_y: home is the most intimate place. Don't like people to live, play can. People do not seem to love other people live, relatives are going home late again. In

word: start saying this is not, then see that even red are reluctant to take advantage of the obvious, the relatives, my family a lot, before I was kind enough to live, then get accustomed to, also each empty handed, and live also to serve well, make my husband have opinions, then directly rejected, who said my father-in-law mother-in-law in this position, No.

warm de-: looking for nonlocal, family relatives and more, is like this. These questions are not clear at first. Is one family, but also what this house who pays, and relatives will come to live is not completely. I had almost married a stranger, is that trouble, fortunately stopped.

: I think I can refuse, get used to a relative to live, second third, as long as you come to Wuhan, will stay in your house, not your dad's mother-in-law, I feel completely rejected. If I don't want to live in other families, but some people do not feel the trouble of others, like to live in someone else's house.

a mommy: I don't love, a few years ago the husband will take the relatives home overnight, chewing a few times will not take the hotel, in unity, to sit at home and drink a cup of water is great.

leaves to eat oranges: not to live! "

" (network picture, graphic unrelated)

Yuri Huang *: I do not want to live with relatives, live to spend much money on the outside, but also live with relatives seem to owe them much. Like to give people bring inconvenience!!

said: the same as the North qiluo nose only child support you understand. Small home alone cannot let outsiders live, her husband had their own room, some people stay, I was not happy.

grapefruit lemon: parents live in laws no problem, then you can live a ghost, the other is your husband, who pays more than who has the right to speak, if your home is to buy a house, you said it

I am 312 Jun Jun: I told you about the situation. I've been talking at home before, yes, sheets, duvet bags, who's cooking, who's cooking?. Who does the health?. I'm not going to do it anyway. If the mother-in-law is in, she does, if not in, ha ha. Just don't come.

Tuo quickly come back: these relatives bored dead, my husband is also, married is borrow money borrow car, every time I curse him, your home is not that you married a rich woman?.

God of the tour: I don't love others in my daily walk rub, no problem, no night, no position, my home is my private space, the study of the child also need a quiet environment, I do not want to facilitate others to their own trouble, especially the kind of see that take advantage of the.

Anyu: I have expected, so I decided not in the master bedroom outside the bed, to send the hotel.

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