Why is the thief unable to get into the community? It was wearing a mask of human skin

Suspects Huangshi Henan Luoyang

chutiandoushibao· 2017-11-12 16:01:49

2017" on November 1st at 3 pm, Hongshan District Public Security Bureau police station north has received two victim alarm, said home stolen property, criminal investigation police quickly launched an investigation and video tracking.

according to the characteristics of the suspect provided by the victim and the time of the crime, the police found the suspect men into the community picture, but always can not find the suspect man out of the plot. Police judge accordingly, the suspect in the crime must be disguised. The police investigation and monitoring, to daozhui through the video, the man suspected of 1:55 in the afternoon, and his associates entered WAL-MART supermarket toilet, reporters in the monitoring saw the man suspected of entering the supermarket before the toilet, wearing a suit, shirt, out from the toilet, was wearing sportswear, long hair, wearing sunglasses, skin very smooth. In fact, the suspect put a human skin mask in the toilet, except shoes, other places dress up a new. After locking the two suspects. The police tracked closely, a road to the city of Huangshi.

11 9 am, the police arrested a suspect Zhang Qiang in a hotel in Huangshi, the principal Shen Zhang was arrested in an Internet cafe near the hotel. Hongshan police, Zhang Shen, Zhang Qiang as Henan Luoyang, two per capita has a criminal record. According to the two crime seized stolen goods, far more than Pu Park District of Baoan two burglary.

on suspicion of theft, the 9 day, two suspects were criminal detention according to law, the case is being further dug.

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