Want to give his wife a birthday gift, he even stole 7 electric cars

Electric cars suspects Drum Tower Nanjing

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Modern Express News (correspondent drum Xuan Zhu Siyuan reporter Gu Yuansen) November 7th morning, Nanjing police on suspicion of theft suspects Gulou liaomou arrested, he turned out to be the reason of theft of electric vehicles, ready for a birthday gift for wife. On the morning of November 11th, the police returned the stolen vehicle to the victim.

Modern Express reporter learned that in October 4th this year at around 9:30, Chen Yuan gate subway station after work to pick up the car, found their electric car is gone. Police learned that from the beginning the evening of October 4th, spring gate subway station and five Tong square subway station have occurred more than the electric car theft alarm. Police have access to the site in a large number of road monitoring, finally in October 7th more than 4 in the morning, found the suspect figure of theft of electric vehicles.

thief first rode his own electric car to the scene, took out the professional tools of crime, to start an electric car. In a short time, the car locks and alarm devices were completely removed. The thief stopped his electric car first, and then rode away the stolen vehicle. The police investigation found that a total of 7 electric car theft cases occurred is a flat head man did, in November 7th, the police handling the case through two consecutive days of squatting, will eventually suspect liaomou arrested. According to

, Liao worked during the day and sent away in the evening. The evening of October 4th, he was sent away to Shangyuan door near the subway station, found Chen electric car. He thought he'd take the takeaway motorcycle and he wanted to steal it. After stealing, he wanted to steal a gift for his wife as a birthday present. "Police said, Liao was once an electric car maintenance worker, very understanding of the structure of electric vehicles. He stole 7 cars, did not continue to steal the car, the car has no fence, but 7 cars in three place to hide, he and his wife usually use one of two new. He usually have to work day and night, so I didn't have time to sell, he also want to wait for a period of time, after the wind and then sold the car. "Police said.

at present, Liao has been arrested by the drum tower police for criminal larceny, the case is under further investigation. In November 11th, pagoda Bridge police station to the 7 victims of the loss of electric vehicles returned all the stolen vehicle.

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