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"to buy things than the exam is difficult, after all the rules, I'm worried." "it is said that this year the" double 11 "is the most difficult one" … … this year's "double 11" Shopping Festival, double together with the instantaneous volume, is the consumer to business platform burn brain preferential tucao.

why can't you come to a "full field half off"? This reporter interviewed a number of industry insiders, disclose the "burn brain concessions" behind the "electricity supplier marketing logic"".

"every item behind the discount has routines",

Zhang Wei (alias) has long been involved in the project marketing planning of an electronic business platform. The so-called "project marketing planning" is led by a team, contracted for a sales node to make a full set of sales programs. The contents include: making promotion budget, making advertising plan, locking target audience and promoting preferential design.

"discount is actually a pricing strategy.". "Zhang Wei said, preferential price is mainly reflected in the formulation. Prices may be priced geographically due to different locations; different objects have price discounts and discounts; in addition, there are promotional pricing, differential pricing, product mix pricing, and so on. Each price is designed for a certain target customer, so it can be said that every item has its own routines".

, for example, "deposit" is to lock customers in advance, full 99 minus 10 "is to allow customers to join in a single," to draw the brand "is to brand business diversion … … according to Zhang Wei's experience, these benefits mostly through the strict data model of precision calculation, usually in the" double 11 "a few months ago or even half a year will make a plan.

this year, "double 11" the most burning brain is preferential, constantly stacked, so that netizens exclaimed, "harder than Olympic math."". "In essence, very simple, that is, the platform merchants come up with a price cut, electronic business platform designed to discount, these concessions can be arbitrarily classified according to category, geographical, time limit, division of the more fine, more concessions superimposed. Zhang Wei compares the discount stacks to one net and sets it together".

"this complex burn brain, constantly stacked discount is not fresh.". "Senior assistant president of sanpower group McCain said in your flower, ten years ago, cable businesses in the use of purchase limit, serial coupons, buy gifts, discount, lottery preferential way, and today the electricity supplier on the platform, and with reduced seckill Minato single payment, shopping subsidy is the same, but the business platform with the mass of consumers to expand.

"all the audience half off can not play",

preferential why burn brain? Interview online and offline sales platform practitioners, businesses have said that if all engage in "full field half off", "double 11" is very difficult to play up.

Wuhan women's clothing shop owner Yang Li (a pseudonym), this "double 11" mainly do two things: reduce prices, buy traffic. The discount of "cutting hand party" comes from the merchants like her, and the electronic business platform doesn't make any money, but the business is more profitable than the package design.

these preferential activities can be said to help "chop hand party" money saving gold link, in fact, is the advertising bit and flow entrance. In order to obtain traffic, Yang Li not only took out a variety of products to participate in "0 yuan purchase", but also spent 2-3 times the usual price to buy "through train"". Her goods can be displayed on the discount page through the bidding platform.

is like a Russian doll, Yang Li concessions in the form of layers, the more display space. "No preferential diversion, we have no flow can buy, no flow and volume, customers will never find us.". "Yang Li felt that if she simply and rudely implemented" the whole audience half off ", she would not be able to stand out from tens of millions of platform businesses by buying traffic.

drainage is just one of the goals of complex incentives, "burn brain concessions" to challenge the consumer's patience. East China, a large supermarket chain responsible person told reporters, "double 11" activities, many home appliances products were first price and then cut prices, in fact, in the use of concessions, distinguish the purchase group. "The rich people dislike the preferential, the trouble buys, walks, the poor money person studies the use preferential also to be able to buy, has the money not to have the money all to consume, this is the ultimate goal. "The person in charge said.

burning brain preferential "may also be the thin - big shovel behind. "If consumers are willing to try 'burn your brains', they may be willing to accept payment by installments. "Zhang Wei said, the long way to realize the benefits can be embedded" ious "" Hua Bai "and more products, the use of people's willingness to consume, mining their spending power.

sustainable consumption needs healthier markets

smart consumers like smart discounts, but not too complicated. "Spend expensive Kan said, regardless of the line or offline, preferential activities appropriate complex, will increase consumer impulse, but complex to unclear, will let consumers at a loss, produce bad consumption experience.".

181 seconds Pobai billion turnover, the peak of 256 thousand per second payment, wireless transactions accounted for more than 90% of … … represented by Alibaba, the business platform of "double 11" flow again to refresh people's cognitive, also proved Chinese huge consumption potential.

insiders pointed out that, from the electronic business platform to businesses, spend their minds design "burn brain preferential" to attract eyeballs at the same time, more need hard training internal strength. According to supply

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