The underground passage of parked vehicles: public passage into the garage

Underground sharing bicycles electric cars Hefei

renminwang· 2017-11-12 16:01:56

, Hefei Shushan District South Second Ring Road intersection and Huaining Road intersection underground parking all kinds of shared bicycles, electric cars, motorcycles. According to the site of the past public introduction, the car parked in the channel is mostly to the Swan Lake Wanda public park, the public said: "the underground passage into the garage for a long time, no place to park near here, someone has parked the car here, and then stop the people more and more, no one go to the tube. The map shows that the entrance of the underground tunnel is full of shared bicycles.

underground passage, both sides stop full of electric cars, motorcycles.

underground channel, parked on both sides of the car filled with various types of vehicles.

several small yellow cars are parked in the channel at will.

citizens ride through the underground passage, both sides of the road stop full of vehicles.

channel entrance were stopped with shared bicycles.

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The underground passage of parked vehicles: public passage into the garage

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