The man in front of the movie too too Montana snoring stabs each other

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yangziwanbao· 2017-11-12 16:02:00

recently, the Nanjing Qinhuai police rapid disposal occurred in the cinema in the intentional wounding case, the suspect with his girlfriend to go to the movies, because the front is too big to sleep snoring from the dispute, a word not to come up with a fruit knife to carry chopped each other.

11 month 3 days, Huaihailu Road police station received within the jurisdiction of a cinema staff report that someone with a knife wounding cinema, police immediately rushed to the scene. The police rushed to the scene saw the injured was sitting on the ground, hands over his neck, the blood sprayed all over the floor. The police gave the man checked and found the man hurt her neck, immediately do a simple hemostasis for it, and called an ambulance.

cinema staff told police, wounding people now in the security room, the police will then be people back to the police station. At the police station, the man explained what happened, the man surnamed Qian, is a chef in a restaurant, the day with my girlfriend to go to the cinema, I did not expect just sat down to hear the front came bursts of snoring, and continuously, soon someone stand up and leave. A girlfriend would find the cinema staff to reflect the situation, who knows the service personnel to the post, the other very arrogant attitude, saying bad words, also a provocation to the money.

and the other a money dispute, hit on the face. Money is a fruit knife in a pocket, then out to wave a knife toward each other. Subsequently, the money was a cinema staff holding a fruit knife, was lost in the scene. At present, the police got the news from the hospital, the injured after the hospital rescue has been out of danger. But the money or because of a suspicion of intentional assault by the Qinhuai police criminal detention, the relevant work is being carried out further.

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