One week military review: three aircraft carrier and Dongfeng 41, each other bright muscle?

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guanchazhewang· 2017-11-12 16:02:02

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this week, held in Thailand Bangkok 2017 defense and security exhibition, CSIC shows including S26T series Foreign submarines, drainage covers 2600 tons to 200 tons range. And besides the 200 ton Mini submarine, these foreign trade boats are equipped with the AIP system. So what is the mystery of foreign trade submarines? What interesting changes will China bring to this industry? This is the first part of this issue. Let's talk about that.

in addition, with the arrival of Trump this week, the United States Navy three aircraft carrier will be gathered in West Pacific, China has also carried out the eighth test of Dongfeng -41 missile. So, is there anything to do with the two things that have to do with Trump's visit to China? The second part of the military review, we'll discuss it a little.

foreign submarine mystery

this week, held in Thailand in the 2017 Defense Exhibition, CSIC showed for the first time our country foreign trade series of S26T type submarines, including a displacement of 2600 tons, 600 tons, 1100 tons of displacement of two small AIP submarines, and row water only 200 tons of special mini submarine.

as model, these submarines seem to be a big jar of black, a propeller behind. But in fact, the difference between submarines with different tonnage is not as small as that of destroyers, frigates and missile boats.

to talk about the difference between these submarines, we should first talk about the conventional submarine combat mode.

reports in modern media often give the illusion that modern submarines are quietly moving slowly under water at very low speeds. There is such a point of view on the

network, said what modern submarines don't need high speed, so the Japanese black dragon class high speed sailing from defects of special noise not defects.

this is actually the misconception that this illusion brings.

in fact, what tools can be used to measure, you will find, for China, Japan and other countries, the conventional submarines from the base, to the actual conflict between the sea area, the distance between is quite remote.

, for example, according to the nearest distance, from Nagasaki, Japan to the East China Sea disputed area, about 500 kilometers away.

, Google, earth, straight distance, marking 585 km

, rely on AIP power system, with 2 speed slowly climb "the past" - need 5 days time class=...... Such as "black dragon" rushed to the place, that is probably the lily is cold.

and this is only a relatively close sea area between China and Japan. If the scheduled sea area is in the Pacific Ocean, submarines often need to sail thousands of kilometers to reach the scheduled sea area. Although the

AIP system theory can make the submarine navigation thousands of kilometers, but too long - crossing stage naval vessels from the base to the combat area between and combat operations, called rough seas -- will also bring great changes to the whole battle, it is very difficult to accept.

it is because of this, in fact, conventional submarine combat navigation is a complex process, often requires the use of aircraft, surface ships to provide cover, let the submarine at a higher speed quickly arrive in the mission area. In general, the conventional submarine submarine motor is operated at low speed, and the snorkel is operated at full speed 60%-80%. In the daytime in rough seas, safe depth underwater, at night to air navigation state.

for conventional submarines, crossing stage action is more complex. Under the condition of one's own air and sea cover, it can safely navigate in high speed with the ventilation pipe, and strive to reach the target area quickly. At this point, the submarine is still safe because the enemy's reconnaissance force is shielded from the safe distance.

, but if there is a special noise that can be recognized at high speed, it means telling the enemy: "I'm here, ready to hit me."...... This is undoubtedly a major flaw.

in addition, through the enemy anti submarine blockade area, the submarine can also use a trick, that is, a large depth through. At large depth, it is a common method for nuclear submarines to quickly pass through the anti submarine blockade area at higher speed. But limited to the conventional submarine power Co., a large depth of submerged long distance, need to go up to periscope depth charge, this time for conventional submarine is very dangerous.

it is because the dual role of restriction of Japan's geographical environmental factors and political factors, the sea has been hoping to get similar to the conventional submarine nuclear submarine "," black dragon "class is designed.


black dragon class boats in Pearl Harbor in accordance with the design, "AIP black dragon", can let the submarine through the most dangerous area, in a low degree to a voyage in great depth, looking for opportunities to float charging: but still have to go up to charge, so the risk is still great, because without the introduction of black dragon "using the Swedish AIP power system which is used to charge the submarine main battery, can only maintain low speed sailing. In fact,

China demand for conventional submarine and Japan are similar, the main task of the two conventional submarine sea from their base relatively far away, with long distance and crossing through the enemy along the way

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